Pauls List of Characters

Big long list so I will up date this post as they change lvl every few weeks.

Alliance Characters
Paulturner lvl 70 Warrior current spec prot
Tangkii lvl 70 Shaman current spec enhance
Icepíck lvl 43 Rogue current spec combat
Pti lvl 42 Hunter current spec BM
Goodsshop lvl 26 Priest current spec shadow/holy
Désolésweet lvl 24 Mage
Ainsley lvl 24 Warlock
Jamari lvl 19 Warrior TWINK
Enchantrogue lvl 19 Rogue Twink
paulturnerh lvl 18 Pally (will be Twinklvl 29)
Useabandage lvl 17 Priest (will be Twink lvl 19 )
paulturnerd lvl 17 Hunter (will be Twink lvl 19 )(name will be changing)
Jamari lvl 10 Warlock
Zoezathena lvl 6 pally

Horde Characters
Azurenei lvl 12 Rogue
Húlk lvl 11 Warlock
Pumpkinator lvl 12 Druid