France Trip No2 2006 Day 1

Day 1 – Traveling
Tuesday 10th October 2006

Welcome to another one of my trip hope you enjoy reading about it.
This time I am taking my friend Lynn from B & Q to stay with my Uncle for a week.
I left my house around 3am and drove to pick up Lynn once there we had to drop off something in Stalybridge before to set off to Luton it was around 4am by the time we got on the M60 and headed it out. The motorway lights where out on some of the M60 which was strange some one must have blown a fuse.
We arrived at the M6 Toll road Service Station at around 6am which was pretty good time after we had a rest and had some food we set off again at 7am but this time I was getting very tired so I had to pull over again after about 30mins and then Lynn drove the rest of the way however just 5.5 miles from out junction we hit stand still traffic so it took nearly an hour to travel just 5.5 miles however we got to the car park ok and dropped the keys and jumped on the free bus to go to the airport. We got there a bit late but still had time to get some food before heading through security and then did a quick look around the shops before heading to the gate. The flight was on time and it only took an hour to get to Brest. However we collected our luggage and Mike was late so we waited awhile before he picked us up.
Once we got back we unpacked the luggage and then headed to the supermarket and filled up the trolley with loads of stuff spent about €120 but should last us all week.
Once we got back and unpacked the shopping Mike made us tea and we talked for a bit before a fell asleep as I was so tired.

France Trip No2 2006 Day 2

Day 2 – Quimper
Wednesday 11th October 2006

Well this holiday is going to be a more relaxing holiday and not too much rushing around everywhere. That includes no getting up really early all the time which is fine by me. We slept in till 10:30am and had sandwiches for breakfast-dinner. After we relaxed a bit we had a drive into the village while mike went to the bank and we headed to go and have a walk around Quimper which was much quieter than last time after just stepping out of the car and going round the corner Lynn managed to slip on a grid and broke her camera after she recovered we had a walk around the shops and in the market and got some veggies and walked down the river I was taking Panorama shots of the river and the Cathedral. On the way back we stopped off at Rosporden Lake and had a short walk by the lake and took a few photos of the ducks and church before heading back to the house.
We had had tea and watch TV for awhile and then played on the internet till late before going to bed.

France Trip No2 2006 Day 3

Day 3 – Chapels
Thursday 12th October 2006

Another great lie in till pretty late in the morning then spent some time writing my journals for the past two days. Afterwards we headed to go and see Le marche du Faouet (which was a very old market building) and then headed to see Chapelle Saint Barbe which is still pretty cool to see for the second time round. Afterwards we headed to Bills house where they was working on their house so we stopped for abit to talk and did some apple picking and had a look at the improvements they had done since last time we came. Afterwards we headed back to the house for tea and I made some cd’s off Mikes computer.

France Trip No2 2006 Day 4

Day 4 – Concarneau
Friday 13th October 2006

We spent the morning Picking Hazel nuts, Horse chestnuts plus we went for a small walk around near the community centre afterwards we came back and listened to a French course CD which is pretty good. Then we set off to go to the Ville Close where it was very quiet this time and a lot of the shops where closed but we had a walk around the shops and the outer wall taking a few photos before heading back to the shops and I brought some chocolate and a model of a turtle. We headed back to the car and drove round to the pier where we went last time and had a walk along it before heading to the Hypermarket where we did some shopping. When we got back Mike started to make Aurore’s Birthday Cake while I started to cook live Claw fish and eat them as I cooked them they was well nice spent about an hour cooking and eating them. After that took some photos of the finished cake mike made then I spent some time on the computer while he made sweet and sour chicken. Then he went out to take Aurore’s cake and stayed out all night at the night club. While me and Lynn watched Top Gun on TV

France Trip No2 2006 Day 5

Day 5 – Lorient
Saturday 14th October 2006

We had a visit from a friend of mikes in the morning and I spent sometime working on some new websites. We had breakfast dinner before setting out. We traveled through Bannalec, Quimperle, down through Baye and stopped at Le Pouldu to have a walk around the beach and the rocks. Stopped to see Fabian’s mums hotel which they live in and own we headed into Lorient and stopped off in Decathlon to have a look round I got a new pair of fishing glasses and then went to have a look in Brico Depot and then headed to Lanester to a big shopping centre called Geant where we did some shopping and Mike went on to do the finale of the Sodoku challenge where you have to get one number on the Board in the fastest time we win he came 7th but only needed 1 point to come in 3rd Place but he still won a €50 gift voucher for the shopping centre. However for the weeks worth of people playing he was the 3rd fastest person all week and the 2nd fastest for the day he played. Afterwards we sat in the car and ate a snack before heading back to the house. Once back we had tea and watched TV for a bit before I went to bed.

France Trip No2 2006 Day 6

Day 6 – Chickens
Sunday 15th October 2006

This morning I spent some time making and baking Pain Au Chocolat and Croissants for breakfast which where nice and going to see if I can bring some stuff back to make some more back home. We spent the morning talking about buying houses over here and looking on the internet for some cheap houses found some nice ones too at
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We had a look on <a href=””></a> too before we set off to go and drop off some business cards which Mike had Made and we said hello and started talking to his friends I ended up helping one of the lads repair the chicken coup which too ages I ended up building a new extension to the coup which required us to saw and hammer4 wooden post about 3 foot deep in the ground with only a lump hammer so it took awhile to finish off while we was busy doing that Mike and Lynn had gone off with his friends to see a house for sale. After the posts where up I nailed on side boards at the bottom ready for chicken wire however we didn’t have any to finish it off so the lads are going to finish it off when they get the stuff. I took some photos which I will put up as well. While I was there one of the chickens laid an egg which was cool to see and the egg was pretty warm after it had some out we spent some time watering them and feeding them. He also had a turkey which apparently was for Christmas and some ducks. They are really cheap to buy over here at only €2 each for chickens and they usually lay eggs for around 2 years so not bad to pay €2 for 2 years worth of eggs, will have to get some when I come over here or see how much they cost over in England.
We left there around 6pm and headed back I jumped in the shower and worked on writing the journals while Mike and Lynn went off to see if they could find a house we seen on the internet for sale.