Geneva 2004 Day 1

Tuesday 24 th August 2004

I set of for another early flight at 8:25am however the flight was only less than 2 hours however we did set off late. When I arrived at the hotel I found the hotel to be a donut shape and very posh like. There was some work being done around the hotel as they was doing up the rooms and I got one of the new rooms which was cool. Once I settled into the hotel I set off to have a look around and work out how to use the buses. When I got back I watched the matrix 3 in French.

Geneva 2004 Day 2

Wednesday 25 th August 2004

I got up early to catch a 4 hour train to Milan through the Swiss Alps which was a very interesting trip from great views of the lakes, rivers, mountains and villages so plenty to keep me occupied in taking photos for the trip. Though most of them were ruined with train and power lines, but it was still fun taking them. Arriving in Milan station which seemed like any other station until I when down the stairs to get out. And when into a very large room and then into an even bigger room and through massive arches into a large square with sky high building surroundings and a very long and wide road ahead with building all the way down either side. I grabbed something to eat at MacDonald’s and set off down the wide road a. I walked for at least an hour and all I bumped into was very large and strange shaped office buildings. Then gave up and jumped on an old tram back to the station. Where I got a map and planned where I wanted to go. I picked a large cathedral called Duomo in the centre of Milan . when I cam out of the subway there ways a large structure covered in cloth just like the Barcelona cathedral was and massive archways with doors all the way to the top of the arches. After exploring the area I when to explore inside where there was massive stained glass windows and lots of religious stuff to look at, from painting to golden statues. I then spotted a sign directing people to the roof so I decided to go up however bad idea with over six hundred steps to the top but well worth the view when I got to the top. The cathedral was made with lots and lots of spirals all the way round after taking a break and taking in the view and photos from every angle. I set of on the way back down and got some ice cream. Then set off back to the station for the trip back to Geneva .

Geneva 2004 Day 3

Thursday 26 th August 2004

To day I decided to take a trip on Lake Geneva . While waiting for the boat I had a look around at the banks and shops. The views from the boat of the mountains were great. The boat took us close to the fountain which fires water 140ft off the ground. This was very amazing. The lake had lots of docks with hundreds of sailing boats parked up. After exploring the centre a bit more I decided to go back to the hotel and take some shots of planes as the hotel was next to the airport, while also watching matrix 3 again. Then I decided to get changed and go shopping and to the cinemas. I went to watch chronicles of Riddick in French which was a cool film.

Geneva 2004 Day 4

Friday 27 th August 2004

My last day I finished packing, I checked out of the hotel. Then set off to explore the other bank of the lake as I didn’t have a flight till 9pm. I found a few parks with massive trees and a rose garden so spent some time looking around and then to use the last 3 hours I thought id watch my last film in French at the pictures. I watched I Robot. I already had seen this in English so I knew what everything meant whereas with Riddick I was a bit lost at some points, but still loved them both. Once the film had finished I went back to the hotel to pick up my luggage and set of to the airport and go shopping. We set off on time and by the time we got over Manchester it was dark and you could see all the street lights and it made Manchester looked completely different.

Thank you for reading about my trip and I hoped you enjoyed it. I will be placing Zurich ‘s journal as soon as it ready so keep checking back regular.


Paul Turner