Texas 2005 Day 1

Tuesday 1st February 2005

Today was the day to set off to San Antonio Texas , there was a major accident on the motorway however we knew a detour way to get there in time. My flight left at 11:55am there was two films on the 9 hour flight Cat Woman and Shark Tale, these are two cool films. I arrived in Atlanta at 4pm Georgia time (-7). Then I had to go through security and wait for my next flight, which was due at 6:30pm . This was only a 2 hours and 30 minute flight however it was very rough that they didn’t even do a drinks service. However I got to fly over a lightening storm in the dark which large flashes of lightening filing the sky. On arriving to San Antonio at 8:05pm Texas Time (-6) I collected my luggage and met up with Dorothy and Doug. The first stop was food as I was starving as I only had plane food on the way to Atlanta . So we went to pizza hut. The next stop was supplies at Wall-Mart and then on to camp site on the trail ride, after a few games of pool and meeting everyone on the ride. I slept at the Petersons house on their massive ranch.

Texas 2005 Day 2

Wednesday 2nd February 2005

Last night was a rough night in a new place and I got up around 5am to 6am . I sat around talking to the Petersons and had breakfast. Then everyone got up around 8am and started to get ready to set off to the next stop so we can start on today’s ride. We set off around 11am and this was the first time on a horse however I wasn’t very scared or nervous and it turned out I was a natural riding on Daisy. Today’s ride was 16 miles and we had a great time riding through the Hill Country. Stopping a few time to get food, drink and rest. I found two pieces of worked flint on one of the rest stops which is hundreds of years old and was used to make arrow head by the Native Americans. Today’s ride was very cold and I think that at one point my feet froze but I didn’t care I was having too much fun. We went across rivers and fields and I manage to learn how to walk, stop, trot, gallop (which is a lot of fun) and turn Daisy where I wanted to go.
We arrived at the next camp site around 5-6pm and let a few of the kids ride around on the horses. While setting up a fire and places for the horses to stay. We sat around the camp fire talking and getting to know each other and went to get a shower at one of their friend’s houses. I slept in the pickup truck that night which was freezing cold.

Texas 2005 Day 3

Thursday 3rd February 2005

That morning I was in pain however I didn’t care I still wanted to do another days riding.
We set off around 10am this morning and I was riding daisy again as I really loved her and already got to know her. I decided to take my camera today and took some photos on the way. Today’s trip was 10miles and we stops around 3 – 4 times for food and drink. Today I decided to let Daisy do some of the driving and let here decide where she wanted to go by not holding on to the rope. We passed lots of massive ranches and some very nice horses and houses. When we got back we made another camp fire and sat around having loads of fun talking and looking at Doug’s photos of Iraq . While Doug cooked food on one the camp fires and dished it out to everyone. I slept in the trailer with Dorothy and Doug this time however my back was killing from all the riding and sleeping rough made it a lot worse.

Texas 2005 Day 4

Friday 4th February 2005

This morning I got up and feed and watered the horses then got some breakfast. We packed up the camp site and headed to the new camp site. Once we arrived at the camp site we set up and me Dorothy and Tim went to one of Dorothy friends, Isabelle house for showers and shaves. She had a massive 42 inch TV so I stayed there for most of the day talking to Eva and Isabelle, and watching Home Improvement. Later we met up with everyone at the barbecue and party that night for everyone on the trail rides. There was a total of 13 different trail ride groups who met up and each having around 100 – 400 riders per group. We partied that night however I couldn’t dance because I was in a lot of back pain. After the party I went back and slept at Isabelle’s house and got a great night sleep.

Texas 2005 Day 5

Saturday 5th February 2005

I got up around 10am and felt great most of the pain had gone and I was up to going to shopping. Dorothy and Tim came to pick me up and we all went shopping. Isabelle’s daughter (Eva) came with us as well. I got a load of cowboy stuff shoes pants and shirts which were very cool. We headed back to the camp site to get changed and get the horses ready for the grand entry. After we left everyone to go into the grand entry we went to look around the rodeo grounds, and looked through all the different shops. We finally found the embroidery stall and order my custom made jacket, with my name and the trail ride logos on it. Once we had finish and got something to eat we set off to meet Dorothy to do go to stay at Dorothy house now and get the horses back home. When we got there we released the horses into the ranch field and you should of seen them go they shot off the jumped up and down happy to be home.
Then we head down to the house and I unloaded my stuff into the house and watched a bit of TV before going to bed.