My Films Reviews April 2006


Action Thriller about a new technological fighter jet which thinks for itself and it joins a team of fighter jets but gets hit by lighting on the way back from a mission and starts taking its own orders. So the team has to try and bring it back in however one dies, one crashes in Korea and with one of the team left has to bring in the jet and rescue his team mate in Korea. Will he be able to save her from the Korean Army and will he be able to get the jet to come home and stop attacking Russia.
This is one cool film at make sure you turn up the volume for the Missions to make you feel right in the action. Plus the training mission at the beginning is very cool recommend this film to anyone.
By Paul Turner

Something’s Gotta Give

Romance love story when a old guy with lots of money who has lots of young girls for girl friends has a problem when he has a heart attack and goes to stay with a carer who is looking after him to help in recover from the heart attack however they end up falling in love and then once he gets better he goes back to his old tricks and leaves her behind but in his heart is really does love her but doesn’t know what to do and when she finds out she is heart broken and wont speak to him anymore however she manages to write a play about there relationship and after a lot of crying she finds a young someone and they go to Paris and he is about to ask her to marry him however the old guy happens to find them in Paris and goes to see if he can make it up to her but when he finds out she has any other guy he gives up, but does she. A very romantic story and must see for all those romantic people out there.
By Paul Turner

Ice Age 2 : The Meltdown
Children’s film about a group of animals who live in the artic however they are threatened when the ice starts melting and its going to flood their land so they go on a trek to other side of their land to the rescue of a large boat. But they had to monsters after them who got stuck in the ice 1000’s of years ago. Will they be able to escape the flood and will they be able to escape the monsters. Plus will this is a great Children’s film and would recommend it for all children and adults.
By Paul Turner

Suspense action thriller staring Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany, Paul Bettany organises a gang that hold a family hostage to use the husband (Harrison Ford) to rob the bank of 100 million dollars. However Ford doesn’t want to play along with them at first and tries escape with his family but all goes wrong when they don’t get away fast enough and get caught then he decides to come up with a plan to take the money. Using an Ipod and parts from a fax machine once he transfers the money Bettany forces him to delete all camera footage of the bank and sends a virus to the whole banks network which crashes everything. Then when he gets home theirs no family and someone to meet him however he manages to kill him and get away to his friends house Harry’s. When he breaks into Harry’s he finds a message from his wife saying she’s left him for Harry then his Harry and Bettany turn up and Bettany kills Harry with Fords gun. He takes his gun and leaves to go to find his secretary to help him get the money back and use it to get to get his family back. This is one great film and is a must see.
By Paul Turner

Secret Window

Thriller about a writer who starts to get stalked by a man saying that he has stolen a book that he wrote along time ago with the writer going through a devoice and under lots of stress to write another book this is all he needs. The threats get more and more as the stalker kills his dog and he reports it to the police and gets a private detective.
But he gets a break when he sends for a copy of his book in its first print sent to him to prove he wrote it. But when he gets it home the pages are missing and he starts to go crazy and goes to meet up with the stalker and find the private detective dead and a witness of the stalker dead too. So he had to depose of the bodies and heads home. However he starts to go completely nuts and when is ex wife comes round he attacks her and her new boy friend and buries them in the back garden. He then starts to become the person in the book he wrote. This is a twisted thriller which is pretty cool how it is written to keep you thinking all the way through of what is really going on.
I rate it a must see however for adults as it contains death.
By Paul Turner

Wedding Crashers
A comedy where two guys have a job of crashing weddings they would pretend to be apart of the family and join in with the wedding and parties to pick up babes. However one wedding goes slightly wrong when one of them falls in love with one of the bridesmaids and the other has a bridesmaid who won’t leave him alone.
But they get involved with the family on a whole new level and hang out at there house. the only problem is one of the bridesmaids had already got a boy friend and he has to try to win her over and when he finally manages it the boy friend finds out about the wedding crashing and spills the beans to the whole family but they cant let go of the bridesmaids and one is still trying to finds ways to win her back and the other is having a secret relationship with the other. Will he finally be able to get her back and will they get married themselves to make it the first wedding they didn’t actually crash. This is a must see comedy and will make you laugh all the way through. Does contain some nudity not recommended for children.
By Paul Turner

My Films Reviews March 2006

Blade Trinity
15th March 2006
Blade is back in the 3rd action film where the fight with the vampires turns nasty when they trick him into killing a human and no he has the humans against him. He ends up been arrested and captured by the FBI and nearly gets handed over to the vampires but a team of humans breaks into the building and frees blade. Blade then joins them in finding the original vampire but the team ends up been killed and one of the gets captured and they had to think up a plan to break in and kill all the vampires. With the help of one of the team building a bio weapon for killing vampires they build it into they weapons and plan to give it to the original vampire and infect the rest of them. Will it work and if it doesn’t will blade be affected by it as he is part vampire.This is a great film not as good as the first one but a good sequel.
By Paul Turner

Butterfly Effect
20th March 2006

This is one freaky film where a kid blacks out the worst moments of his life when he was young and when he comes to recall them in college he can remember them and change what happens. However every time he changes it he makes it worse and every time he changes it his brain goes through hell will he be able to change the past correctly enough to make everything better in time before he gets brain damage. Plus will he be able to get his girl who he had loved every since he was young or will he have to give her up to make every thing better. This is a must see film and requires lots of attention however is well worth it.
By Paul Turner

Out of Reach
20th March 2006

Action film staring Steven Segal where he has a pen pal in Poland orphanage who gets into trouble when a bunch of human traffickers kidnaps her and a load of other kids and then Steven Segal goes to hunt down the people responsible and rescue the kids. Helped out by one of the police he tracks down how is involved and end up in a gun fight with the bad guys. This is a great story line and a must see for the Steven Segal fans.
By Paul Turner

V for Vendetta
23rd March 2006

Action film based on a comic book, V was a tortured soul who the government tested bio weapons on however everyone else died but he became stronger the more they did to him and one day the escaped and sworn a vendetta. Now the year has come where V’s plan is to take action he goes and kills everyone who worked at the government lab one by one. He also saves a girl called EV who gets attacked and then blows up the Old Bailey but they where both caught on camera and the police and government are tracking them both down and when they find out where EV worked it was too late V was already in the building and broadcasts a message to everyone. Then left a present for the police to disarm before escaping he gets caught by the police but EV helps out. She gets knocked out but V takes her to his home. She helps him kill the last few people on the list and then she leaves him and makes a new life. One year later the plan comes into action to blow up Parliament V makes a deal to kill the main person in England and leaves it to EV to blow up Parliament with a massive ending this has got to a must see film the story starts off a bit slow however becomes a interesting series of events leading to this point.
By Paul Turner
Big Mamas House 2
24th March 2006
The sequel to the comedy film, where a FBI agent has to dress as big mama to go under cover to find out who is making a hacker program to get into the FBI computer system however this time he is on his own the FBI don’t know he’s undercover and his wife thinks he’s cheating on him with another woman. The agent had to go through hell to look after the family kids with one who won’t talk and throws him self off anything with is high, one going through a boy stage and the other who wants to learn to dance and be a cheerleader. The agent has to do everything to keep everyone happy without being caught. Will he be able to find out who is the bad guys and catch them or the will the family be broken up with their dad involved with the bad guys. This is a pretty good sequel to the original and is a must see.
By Paul Turner

American Pie 1
27th March 2006

The classic Teenage film about getting laid where a bunch of high school seniors make a pact to get laid before the end of the year. Each one takes a different angle to try to accomplish the pact. One has to win his girl friend back, one makes a fool out of him self all over the internet, one is just a total loser and plays a prank on the other one but gets his own back with doing his mother go finchey, one of them takes the sensitive side and one lied his way saying he had already accomplished the pact but everyone finds out when the girl tells the whole school at the prom that he had lied which makes him piss him self in the middle of the dance floor. In the end they all learn the lesson about woman and they have to go through some hilarious stuff to learn the lesson. This is one great film and is a must see for all teenagers all over the world.
By Paul Turner

My Films Reviews January 2006

The Tuxedo
A martial arts spy action film staring Jackie Chan who is a taxi driver who gets a job as chauffeur for a secret agent. But all goes wrong when the agent is put in hospital and Jackie has to take his place and put on the tuxedo. This is a super 2 billion dollar suit which enables the wearer to become a super agent, the suit is full of nanotechnology which controls the body of the wearer and enables them to do anything. Jackie pretends to be Clark Devlin the spy and goes on a mission to find out who attacked his boss. Where he under covers a plot to infect the worlds water supply and kill everyone by thirst if they don’t drink the bad guys water supply. Will he be able stop the bad guys in time and will he be able to fool Clark Devlin’s new partner. A great action film with lots of martial arts and funny parts would recommend.By Paul Turner

I Spy
Spy action film where Owen Wilson teams up with Eddie Murphy a boxing star. They fly to Hungary to hunt down a new stealth jet which is invisible to the naked eye as was as radar. They have to go undercover and find out where the evil arms dealer has hidden the plane and return it back to the US Government. Will they be able to find it on there own or with the help of another special agent. I think this is one funny film which lots of action and a great story. By Paul Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Action film about a married couple who are having troubles with marriage and lies. As it turns out both are assassins for two different organizations and they don’t know about each other as its ripping the marriage apart. However after both of them get the same target and end up missing the target completely they blame each other and both of them become targets and are forced against each other. They both have to assassinate each other but they cant do it so both get hunted down by their organizations and they team up together to fight the biggest battle yet. They try to make a plan to find something bigger than they are to exchange however in finding the target which they both got sent to in the first place which started it all off they find he isn’t nothing but bate set up for Mr and Mrs Smith to go against each other. Will they defeat the organization? This is one action packed film and a must see for action fans. By Paul Turner

A film based on the annual tennis event in England , Wimbledon . This film is about a tennis player (Peter Colt) played by Paul Bettany who’s competing for the last time at Wimbledon . When he falls in love with another tennis player (Liz) played by Kirsten Dunst and her dad is trying to keep them apart and but nothing can keep them apart. The first time Peter Colt Starts to win he is been turned inside out by love. In this romantic comedy Peter fights his way through Wimbledon Tournament to the grand finale. However the romance doesn’t last when she starts to lose and blames it on their relationship. But when it comes to the final match he starts to lose but when she turns up to give him moral support he turns the game around and starts to win and when it comes down the final shot the shot is discounted as it was too close. So he has to replay will he win the final point or will he lose. Will he get his girl and the championship or will he choke. This is a funny film and has a great romance story plus if you like tennis it has lots of tennis action. By Paul Turner

Daddy Day Care
When two dads have to look after there kids when they loose their jobs. They find that there’s money to be made in looking after kids but they find that there’s not just money to be made but they find that they love the kids more. As they slowly expand there business the local day care centre tries to stop them by sending people to make sure they are looking after the kids correctly. They end up getting a friend to help as they get more than 10 children. However when they get started they find it’s a harder job than they was going to expect. However they manage to pull it off in the end until they are offered their old jobs back which they take up however it’s not long before they realise that they loved looking after the kids more. So they resign and get the team back together and move into a new place for the kids. This is one funny film and is a must see full of comedy by Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin. By Paul Turner

Starsky & Hutch
Based on the classic TV show Starsky and Hutch are back to find out who killed a drug dealer and how he is planning to get the drugs passed the police. Finding a floater dead they get a lead to some cheerleaders where they get the floaters jacket. Huggy gives them a tip that the jacket was made by Big Earl, so they dress up as bikers and go under cover in big earl’s bar. They find that big earl is in jail so they go pay him a visit and have to act like animals and ride each other before Big Earl speaks. Big Earl gives them a bag of cocaine which turns out to be sugar so Starsky eats it and them out to a dance club high on coke. The next day Hutch checks the stuff out and it is real cocaine and not sugar and they find out that this is the new coke which is getting passed the police dogs and they go undercover to catch the dealer. This is one funny film and is a must see for any cop lovers. By Paul Turner

Just Like Heaven
A romance story about a doctor who is obsessed with work at the end of an over twenty hour shift she has a blind date set up by her friends however while running late talking on her cell phone ends up in a car crash. A few weeks later a guy looking to rent a flat rents the doctors flat and she appears to him as a ghost as he tries everything to get rid of her it turns out he is the only one who can see her and he begins to fall in love with her. They try to make her remember who she was and in the process find out she’s not dead but in a coma. However the family is about to give permission to let her go so they have to come up with a plan to stop them will they manage to solve the problem and live happy ever after or will she pass on. This is great romance story with lots of funny parts and a must see. By Paul Turner

My Films Reviews December 2005

Cheaper By the Dozen 2
Comedy film where a family of 12 kids cause chaos and mayhem every where they go this time they go on vacation to an old beach house and bump into some old friends who are now rich and the fathers of the two family’s go into competition with each other on who has the best kids however all goes wrong in the games when the tie and have to do a boat race across the lake and the family of 12 kids starts to increase in size in the race and they have to get her to hospital as fast as possible. Will the father every make friends again and will the kids ever forgive the parents. This isn’t as good as the first film however is still pretty funny.By Paul Turner

My Films Reviews November 2005

The Stepford Wives (2004)
After a Nicole Kidman nearly gets shot while live on TV she finds out that the company has too many law suits if it carry’s on and her show is cancelled. She is going through a mental breakdown when her husband decides to help solve the problem by moving the Stepford. Where everyone is perfect and the town has no crime or poverty and all the wives of the men living there are perfect at everything. However she thinks something is going on and try’s to find out what is the mystery about the woman in the town. When one night she and her friend decides to find out what is going on at the men’s club. However that night there gay friend goes missing in the men’s club. The next day he turns up changed and completely different then later on that week she turns up at her friend’s house and the place is completely tidy and she’s changed and Nicole starts to panic and tries to get out of the town. But when she goes to get the kids from day care there not there so she heads to the men’s club. However she comes to front all the men in the town and she learns they turned the wife’s into robots. Where she comes face to face with her own self as a robot and tries to persuade her husband to not take the robot however she decides to go with it. The next day she is a robot people but when it comes to the night time town ball. Her husband decides he doesn’t like the new wife and breaks into the lab and switches off all the robot controlled people. Then all the woman turn back to thinking for them selves and we find out Nicole was never turned into a robot at all and they pretended. Then the main boss goes to kill her husband and she knocks his head off. And they find that the whole idea was a woman’s idea that caught her husband cheating on her so she made him into a robot. Then at the end we find out that all the men are forced to do all the shopping and cleaning for the wife’s to make up for turning them into robots. A must see for all the adults.
By Paul Turner

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
The Fourth year at Hogwarts and things start to get dark and dangerous. When Harry had a dream about Lord Voldemort meeting up with two Death Eaters and kills a Muggle Caretaker. This year Hogwarts is to play host to the Tri-Wizard Tournament and someone puts Harry Potter’s name in the Goblet of Fire even when the tournament is not open to the under 17 year olds and when the time comes for the Goblet to pick out the Champions Harry is the forth one to be chosen which isn’t suppose to happen as there are only suppose to be three champions. Harry writes to Sirius black to tell him about the dream and finally gets a reply and he is told to meet black in the common room. Harry is then to start the tournament with the tip off about the first task being dragons from Ron even though they had fallen out. The first task Harry has to get the dragon egg from the dragon. Inside the egg is a clue to the next task which has to be listened to underwater. The second task the champions have to search the lake for the treasures which where stolen. The third and final task where the champions have to make there way through the changing maze to find the centre where lies the Tri-wizard cup. However everything goes wrong when Viktor Krum is put under Imperius Curse , the cup is put jinxed to become a Port-key to Voldemort when Harry and Cedric Diggory both take the cup at the same time they are transported to Lord Voldemort. Where Peter Pettigrew performs one of the 3 unforgivable curses on Cedric Diggory and Harry is locked into a battle against Lord Voldemort. “Dark and difficult times lie ahead Harry, soon we must all face the choice, between what is right and what is easy.” This is the best Harry Potter Film in out of the lot even though they missed out half the book. So you need really to read the book about Hermione and the House Elves campaign to free them. The true story about how Harry learnt the spells for the Tournament the love story between Harry and Cho, plus lots of other funny bits which were cut from the film. Everyone needs to see this film from children to adults, Harry Potter is not just a children’s film it is a story which is made for all to enjoy.
By Paul Turner

Analyze That
Gangster style comedy when Paul Vitti Mobster is released from prison as he was pretending to be psychotic. He gets released to his Shrink Dr Ben Sobel for therapy and to be reformed. However the shrink struggles as Paul Vitti is a target from the other mob gangs which are trying to kill him. Paul Vitti gets a job as a consultant for a Hollywood gangster TV show as a cover up as he plans a gold heist. However they are double crossed when some of the mobsters play both sides of the gangs and try to steel the gold for them selves however Dr Ben Sobel goes mad at them beating the crap out of them. This is one great comedy film and defiantly a one to watch.
By Paul Turner

Batman Forever
The Bat is back in Batman Forever where he comes against not one but two enemies, Harvey Two Face and The Riddler. After Bruce Wayne not letting Edward Nygma have his funding for his invention of The Box. He becomes Bruce Wayne enemy as he turns him self in The Riddler and teams up with Two Face to find out the biggest riddle of all, “Who is Batman”. When Two Face try’s to blow up the crowd at the circus trying to get Batman to come out Robin saves the circus by getting the bomb away from the crowd and into the river. However loses all of his family has they fell too the ground after Two Face’s men shoot the cables down. Batman teams up with Robin after Two Face and The Riddler destroy the Bat Cave and kidnap Bruce Wayne’s girl friend. They go on a mission to save her and capture the bad guys and destroy the base station of The Box. Will they save her and will robin get his revenge on Two Face. This is a good Batman film with lots of action for any Batman fan to love.
By Paul Turner

Holes (2003)
This is a strange story based on a novel about a camp green lake which keeps kids from going to prison however based in the middle of a desert the kids have to dig a hole each day until there sentence is over. All they know is that they are digging the holes to build character however if they find something to report it and get a day off from digging. However one day a young boy is wrongly convicted of stealing shoes which fell from the sky and is sentenced to 18 weeks at camp green lake. Where is become known at caveman. With his new friends he find out that Zero doesn’t know how to read so he trades his time to teach Zero how to read and Zero helps him dig is holes. However Zero runs off and Caveman steals a van to try and find him but goes bad when he falls down a hole and has to explore the desert on foot. However there is an underlying story about the area which they are digging and it used to be a lake and town along time in the past however there hasn’t been a lake since someone was shot on the lake for kissing a school teacher. This is a great story by Disney and is a great family film.
By Paul Turner

Action film based on the comic book where a young kid had his mother killed by his dad and did experiments on him self which passed some genes to his son. Making him super human and allowing him to turn into hulk when angry. However the US army attack and think he is a threat which makes him grow larger and larger. Will he every get his own back on his father or will he end up being killed by the army. With a love story included will he be able to stay in touch with her even though her dad is the commander of the army. This is one action packed film and if you love comics you got to see this film.
By Paul Turner

Star Wars 3
Well the last in the set of Star Wars and what an ending it is where the story shows how Lord Darth Vader became to be and how the Jedi’s ended up being hunted down and the being of the war between the Jedi and the Republic. The story shows how Padme finds out that she is pregnant with Anakin Skywalker’s children and how he is tricked into joining The Sith Lord and the Dark Side and wanting to rule the whole galaxy as he is overwhelmed with power from the dark side. I think that this is the best in the set and a must own for every sci-fi fan with its explosive lightsaber battles and mind blowing story to finish off the story as Star Wars hits Darkest Plot line of them all.
By Paul Turner

Batman Begins
Well a brand new film telling a story about what happened to Bruce Wayne after his Parents died and how he became Batman. The story shows how he stopped being Bruce Wayne and went to live on the streets he ended up in a prison mile away from Gotham city. However one day his was offered a way out and he had to travel to the top of a mountain. Where once he was there his joined the league of Shadows and trained to fight 60 people and become invisible. However after his training he found out that they are going to destroy Gotham city and he fights the people he was trained by. When he returns to Gotham city he begins to turn him self into Batman using the resources of the Wayne Empire. However all goes wrong when league of shadows turn up again and try to destroy Gotham city for good and batman has to come and save the day. This I think is the best Batman ever made and kids the butt of all the others a big must see for everyone.
By Paul Turner

Anger Management (2003)
This Comedy film staring Adam Sandler who plays a businessman who happens to be sentenced to anger-management after he hits a air hostess. During anger-management his doctor decides to set traps up for him to get his own back on people in his past and also decides to try and steel his girl friend off him as he has not been able to get the courage to ask her to marry him. Plus his boss is taking him for a ride getting him to do all his work and then goes and gives away the job which Sandler wanted from the beginning. Does Sandler get the courage to stand up for him self and tell his boss where to go and does he get round to asking his girl friend to marry him before it’s too late and she marries his anger-management doctor.
This is a great comedy film and for those who haven’t seen it your missing out on one very funny film a must see for everyone. Does contain some strong language which is not suitable for young children.
By Paul Turner

The classic television show is back but with real life characters and no dolls here. It is about the team get found out when the thunderbirds 1 is tracked and gives Tracey island away to the bad guys who attack thunderbird 5 in space and take over the command centre while the only people left to help are the kids. They have to find away of taking back control and stop the bad buys from robbing the bank of England . This is one for the kids with the American twist to the British TV show not many adults will like this film but does bring memories up from childhoods.
By Paul Turner

The Brothers Grimm
This a film set in the seventeen hundreds about two brothers who team up with two actors to haunt towns and charge them to get rid of the town’s ghosts. However is all goes wrong when a French General finds out what they have been doing and gets them to try to find out who is playing tricks in a forest and kidnapping the town’s daughters. When the get there they find out it is actually haunted and they have to find away of saving the town by breaking the curse and saving them from an age old queen. Then it goes all wrong again when the French don’t believe that it really is haunted and try to kill them by burning the whole forest down. But the brothers escape and manage to get into the tower and defeat the queen. This film has loads of references to lots of past time children’s stories which make the film great and a must see for everyone.
By Paul Turner

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
This is cartoon animation film about a young man who is being forced to marry Victoria a girl from across the road. However he is too nervous about the wedding and can’t get his vows right in the rehearsal. So he strays off into the forest to practise them and end’s up putting the ring on what he thinks is a tree branch. But it turns out he put it on a corpse’s hand sticking out of the ground and she takes it as they are married. So she takes him into the world of the death where she finds out that they are not really married and he try’s to get back to the land of the living.
This film is a good animation and contains lots of songs which are pretty funny. A must see for people who love animation.
By Paul Turner

Sky High
This is a film about super heroes and one family in particular, they are the stronghold family. But the son of The Commander and Jet-stream is trying to hide that he hasn’t found what his super powers are. But the problems don’t end there when his first day at (Sky High) high school comes. Where every student is forced to show their powers where they are split into 2 classes or heroes and sidekicks, but the son of the famous super heroes is placed in the sidekick class after still not finding is power. But he becomes happy as a sidekick with is best friend and new friends. But when one day he gets into a fight with another student he ends up being super strong like his father and is transferred into the super heroes’ class. Where the other heroes make him loose all his friends and use him to gain access to the stronghold family safe where they steal a powerful weapon and try to kick nap all the students and teachers at Sky High. But their plan is foiled when the sidekicks team up to defeat the plans of the heroes who had turned into villains. I think that this is a great film for the kids and all those who love super hero comics.
By Paul Turner

Wallace & Gromit In the Curse of the Were-Rabbit
The classic British cartoon is back, cheese hungry Wallace and veggie Gromit have there new business Anti-Pesto. Where they have alarm all the towns gardens to wake them up if any one try’s to steal or eat the towns prize winning vegetables for the annual vegetable show. However it happens that in the process of catching the rabbits eating the vegetables, Wallace has an idea to brain wash the rabbits to stop eating vegetables however all goes wrong and they make a super rabbit by the name of the were-rabbit, who goes on nightly rampages destroying the town’s prize vegetables and Anti-Pesto gets the job of trying to catch the were-rabbit. However they have competition with a blood hungry hunter who is trying to kill the were-rabbit and put Anti-Pesto out of business at the same time. I think this is a great film for everyone not just children and is a great must see for anyone who likes cartoons and Wallace and Gromit.
By Paul Turner

My Films Reviews October 2005

The Legend of Zorro (2005)
This is the traditional story of a Mexican/Spanish hero who saved in the day with his trusted steed and sword. I think that this film is a great action film full of funny parts and fight scenes. It is about Zorro who with his son and wife couldn’t put the hours in with looking after the son, doing his day job and saving the town from bad guys. However all goes wrong when Zorro has to get a devoice because his wife is sick of him (however this forced when his wife finds out US martial find out who Zorro’s true identify and force her to go undercover.) with this Zorro goes on a mission to find out what is really going on. This is a must see film I would really recommend that everyone should see it. By Paul Turner

Lord of war
This film was about arms trading where one man decided to get into it for a quick buck. However he found out he was good at it and stayed with it. Well I thought this film would have a lot more action in it than it actually did however it was a very good story even thought there are some very bloody parts including one where a young kid gets shot it the head and you get a bullet view of the hit. But overall I think it’s a mind opening film about war and arms and that no good really does come from it about from death.
By Paul Turner

13 Going on 30
a romance film about a teenager who wishes she was 30 and her wish comes true as she wakes up the next morning as a 30 year old who is a editor for a top woman magazine her favourite as a kid. However will she pass with a mind of a 13 year old or will she blow her career. She meets up with her past best friend which turns out that they fell out after she made the wish she tries to make friends with him again. With the fight to keep the magazine from being beaten from, a rival magazine she finds out that her partner at the magazine betrays her and steels her idea plus her best friend. Will she be able to piece her life back together and save her friendship? This is a good film.
By Paul Turner

Herbie: Fully Loaded
The classic is back, live and spinning those wheels. The story starts off where a daughter of a racing family has graduated and is moving away. She used to be a racer however her father doesn’t want her to race after she crashed. The Families team is loosing as the brother keeps crashing the car. However for his daughter’s graduation he buys her a rushed VW car which turns out to take her for a ride even if she doesn’t want to. In the end she starts racing with Herbie after beating the NASCAR number one racer who gets angry when he looses and goes on a mission to destroy Herbie. With the daughter falling in love with both Herbie and her best friend manic she ends up loosing the final race and loosing both of them including everyone finding out that it was her who was driving.I think that this is a good family film to be enjoyed by anyone.
By Paul Turner

Futuristic film when a young girl is brain washed in to a super human trained to fight for the government however her brother rescued her and they end up with a captain of a spaceship and now are wanted by the government. They end up on a mission to a far way planet to find out why she is wanted so much and they find out that an experiment went wrong on the planet and killed most of the population and the rest were turned into killers who search planets killing anyone in sight. They must get the news of what happened but they are killed by the government or no one will ever no the truth about what really happened. The end battle is excellent and is a must see for any sci-fi buff.
By Paul Turner

Duce Bigalow: European Gigalow
This film is about a guy who ends up loosing his wife too a shark when out driving he still hasn’t got over her and carries her fake leg everywhere. When one day he is testing a new technology to stop whales from getting stuck on the beach however who boys try to take it off him and it ends up sending a pack of dolphins in a frenzy and start trying to eat old people. However now wanted by police for the attacks he gets a phone call from an old friend in Amsterdam and heads of to Holland to escape the police. However when he gets there, male gigolos are being murdered by a serial killer and his friend gets accursed of being the murderer and goes on the run and he has to find a way of catching the killer to help his friend. This is one hell of a funny film and a must see. Not too suitable for young kids due to its sexual jokes. But a must see for adults and teens.
By Paul Turner

My Films Reviews September 2005

Around The World In 80 Days
staring Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan this action packed film starts off with a mad inventor who bumps into a Chinese thief who becomes the inventors partner. The inventor Phileas Fogg ends up making a claim to the gentlemen’s club that someone can travel around the world in 80 days which nobody believes so he makes a bet if he doesn’t make it round the world he has to never step foot back in the gentlemen’s club. They set off on the trip around the world first to Paris where they meet a French Artist and end up taking her with them on the trip as people are hunting for the Chinese thief for steeling a jade Buddha and on top of that the men from the gentlemen’s club have sent men out to try and stop them getting around the world on time. They battle there way around the world against the clock and all odds. This is a great action film which everyone should see and also great for those family film times. As Jackie Chan shows off his talent as a great stunt man and martial artist, which should not be missed.