Weekly Life Update

17th march 2008

well last week was the first week back at RA was fun VERY hard work did about 150 miles + running all over the place so it took it out of me so im going to need more rest 😦 than normal.

Did a Catch up on Stargate Atlantis season 5 watched the lot in the evening and watched about 6 films over the weekend,

Stardust – I thought was a pretty funny film some sweet chick flicks bit but very funny.
Enchanted – yet another chick flick childrens film which was sweet and funny too.
Alvin and the chipmunks – VERY funny RoLFLMAO film loved to bits the best bit the coffee bit.

and before you say Ive gone soft also watched,
Resident Evil 3 – Ace film some jumpy bits liked those, ending was dry but hell all those for the next film should be bloody ace.
AvP2 – I heard bad things about this but I loved it the normal all humans die woohooo with some pretty funny bits too.
Flashpoint – a chinese film full of marshal arts well I only got to watch the first 10mins as martin wanted to play LAN games but it is in chinese but I will finish it.

Weekly Life Update

Well this week has been abit stressful, Not sleeping and stuff making it worse.
I quit my job at MRI for a few reasons but main reason nobody was helping me.
Wanting me to mount 40inch lcd screens on my own. btw they weight over 40kg and the box is so big you cant actually hold it in a way to lift it without breaking your back.
Made a few new friends while checking out private WoW servers plus managed to get alot of the WoW stuff done on the website plus a few extra stuff like the gear list which I just finished so take a look at WoW Gear. adding new screen shots all the time of cool stuff and new chars I have now.

The time in BT this week too ok its private server but its still fun like the 19min 33sec batte with Supremus my god that was hard work. two paladins and one warrior, druid and mage wiped so we had no dps so it was a fight to keep the warrior alive but hell of alot of fun abit stressful but worth it.

New news too found out I got my old RA smart card job back yey so I start on monday.
So going to get rest and do as much on the website projects hopefully finish most of the instance tour screenshots. Get it out of the way so I have more time to do something else in the evenings.

Anyway Paul Signing out.