Texas 2006 Day 1

Monday 23 rd January 2006

Well the day has finally arrived and I did go bed till 3am last night and I got up at 6:30am to get ready to go to the airport. By the time we got to the airport we got some breakfast and I went through security ready to wait for my plane to be ready to go. I flew out around 11am . This was a lot better trip than the last time as I had a window seat so I got to look out down over Wales, Ireland, Canada and America as we flew towards Chicago. I made a friend who was next to me she was flying to Las Vegas to see her family when we got immigration about 1pm (Central America time) we has to wait about 2 hours in a clue to get through before I could collect our luggage and recheck it in, once we has done this I then had to travel to another terminal where I had to go through security again to be able to wait for my next flight. I had a long wait of about 2-3 hours. I flew out of Chicago about 5:30pm and arrived in San Antonio about 8:30pm . Where I met up with Isabel and her friend and when back to their house before Dorothy picked me up from there and I stayed at her house.

Texas 2006 Day 2

Tuesday 24 th January 2006

That morning I got up around 5am and got ready to go to school with Dorothy where I spend the day watching Dorothy teach while looking after molly her sausage dog. Afterwards we drove to enterprise the rental company to pick up my mini van. I got a gold Dodge Grand Caravan however it turned out to be $3000 for 5 weeks and not $1900 which the website said. After we set off to travel to Dorothy’s College and while she was teaching I sat in the van reading the instructions on how to use all the controls and cruise control which is very cool. Then at 9:45pm we head back home.

I did around 50 miles of driving.

Texas 2006 Day 3

Wednesday 25 th January 2006

That morning I got up at 6 am started to sort out my luggage and started to load it into the van. I also had a trip to Wal-Mart to get supplies ready for the trail ride. This took most of the day up.

I did around 50 miles of driving.

Texas 2006 Day 4

Thursday 26 th January 2006

I got up around 6am and finished sorting out my luggage then set off to drop off the Propane tanks to have them refilled and headed for Dorothy’s school where I had dinner with her and the teachers after getting my new cell phone. Then headed to Cavender’s to got shopping for a new jacket and belt after getting them I head to get the horse feed from Jupie Mills and pick up the full tanks of Propane and headed back to drop everything off. Then when Dorothy got back we fixed the water line while Isabel turned up so we loaded the red truck with hay ready for the trail ride.

I did around 100 miles of driving.