My 2nd Oasis

Just captured my 2nd Oasis
yey did cost alot in troops but worth it.
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8th Village

Well its been about 7 days since the opening of pegasus now is the opening of Andromeda
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First Oasis

Yey captured my first Oasis tonight
was pretty easy Atlantis did a good job
first attack and hero captured it.
so +25% crop lol on a 9 crop village
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Travian 6th Village

6th Village (pauls atlantis) up and running on the 15th feb in full swing took some time to get going due to it being 5hrs away from my main villages but I have now started to capture the oasis’s around Atlantis.

 7th village news 4days and counting currently not decided what to do but will be close to atlantis as there are more oasis a little way from there so will capture them too.


My villages on Travian are going really well
started my 5th village on friday just gone
and my 6th village is starting tomorrow
so if you want to come play check out
look for turnerp41 alliance PTI