PTI News March 2008

2nd March 2008
Daft Punk video added
PTI Server transfer from to
My travian 02-03-08 added
Wow Guild news update
1st week village added
My 2nd Oasis added

1st March 2008
Texas trailride photos Added

PTI Server Transfer

PTI just transfered to my server away from
theres a few bugs with pictures and things but sorting them out as soon as I can
also the design will change now im on my own server I can design my own template for it so will be doing that over the next few weeks.


Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
Host unlimited photos at for FREE!
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PTI News Feb 2008

24th Feruary 2008
Lots of new stuff
Texas 2008 photos
New Stargate Section
Sarah connor Chronicles updated
New Travian Photos and slide shows

18th February 2008
Travian Section now online

17th February 2008
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Cronicles Section now online 

15th February 2008
World of Warcraft section up and running

13th February 2008
New domain

New Domain

I have just brought a new domain as the domain I no longer have access to due to the server closing so I decided would be faster to buy a new one which is which will be up and running in a few days.

December 2007

21st Decemeber 2007
Treks section converted
News section converted 
Funny email section added
My Film Reviews converted

20th Decemeber 2007
New wordpress site started to be built
Converting site began
New and old blogs now online