Rome 2004 Day 1

Monday 12 th July 2004

Setting off on the start of my trips around Europe at 4am in the morning to be at the airport in time to fly out at 7:25am from Manchester airport which would be the first time I have every been on a plane and I loved every second of the 3 hour flight. From the way I felt weight less as we took off and the way my stomach felt like I left it on the ground.

I arrived in Rome at 11:25am European time and caught a taxi to my hotel the 4 star Hotel Colon. After I left my luggage at my hotel I decided to explore Rome .

I set out to see as many places I could before returning to the hotel for 8pm as this was the last bus to the hotel. I managed to explore the entrance to the Vatican City (Piazza San Pietro) and its surrounding, Including Castel Sant’Angelo and some of the shops and museums of the Vatican City Before returning to the hotel to settle into my first night at the hotel.

Rome 2004 Day 2

Tuesday 13 th July 2004

I slept in this morning then decided to have a look around the hotel before exploring the rest of Rome . I set off around 2pm to work my way around Rome and see as much I could before having to catch the last bus to the hotel. I went to see the Piazza di spagna, Il Colosseo, Fountain del Tritone, Piazza Del Popolo, Arco di Costantino and grabbed some Italian ice cream before returning to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel I was planning what I was going to do over the next few day and what I was going to see. However on the bus back to the hotel I started talking to some people from America, Texas to be exact and what I didn’t know is that the next few days will be the best days of my life. When it was tea time I went down to the restaurant and was invited to eat with my new American friends. And after tea we got talking about the next few days and I decided to go travelling with them to the Island of Capri .

Rome 2004 Day 3

Wednesday 14 th July 2004

That morning I had to get up really early to have breakfast ready for setting of for a train to Capri . Me, Dorothy, Dug, Eric and Linda set off on the bus to go to the train station. We had to get a train to Termini and then from there a 3 and half hour trip on the Euro star train all the way to Naples . Once we arrived we found a tour guide straight way and set of to Pompei. After spending around 2 hours exploring Pompei which is so big it would take weeks to explore the whole place.

We then set of to the dock to get a jet boat all the way to Capri were we had tea and did a bit of exploring before catching another jet boat to Naples to meet up with the tour guide and set of on the Euro star back to Rome. From Rome we got a taxi to take us the long way around Rome to the hotel so we could catch a glimpse of Rome at night. We then got an early night as we had planned out next trip to Florence tomorrow morning.

Rome 2004 Day 4

Thursday 15 th July 2004

Another very early morning as we needed to catch another train and my last full day in Italy I wanted to make the most of the day. We got the train to Florence today which took around 4 hours and arrived in Florence around 1 pm how ever we spent ages and ages trying to find the tour shop for going to Pisa but by the time we found it we had missed it.

So instead we got some food and got a tour pass on the Florence tour bus. Which took us all around Florence from the train station to the mountain of Michael Angelo and all the way around and through out the city. So lots to take pictures of especially the panoramic view of the whole city as it were amazing. We then went to see Saint David’s statue. Then off for tea at a nice Chinese restaurant. Before heading back to catch the train back to Rome . We exchanged details when we got back and talked to the Italian bar tender while taking the last photos of use together and of the hotel. After we all went up to our rooms I spent some time backing and getting ready to set off home.

Rome 2004 Day 5

Friday 16 th July 2004

My last day in Italy and I got up early for breakfast and the slowly made my way to the airport as I did not want to go back home. However some good news came from the trip as my friends had invited me over to Texas which I have now set a date of 3 rd February 2005 as long as it doesn’t clash with any of my university exams. I will be placing my day to day journal of my trip to Texas when I get there. Also I would like you to thank you fro taking the time to read of my trip to Rome . If you are interested I will be posting my journals from 3 of my over trips around Europe over the next month. So keep checking back.

Paul Turner