Berlin 2005 Day 1

Monday 4 th April 2005 I had to get up early to go get my Euros and sort out some stuff in Denton before I headed to the airport grabbing McDonalds on the way back. After finishing packing and waiting for my lift what didn’t turn up. So I waited till 12:30pm before phoning for a taxi. So I got to the airport a bit late but it turned out my flight was delayed anyway so after walking a ghost terminal as there was hardly any flights. When I finally got on the plane it was only an hour trip to Amsterdam then a short wait before my next plane which I had the times mixed up and thought I was going to miss it. But never mind. I arrived at Tegal airport Berlin at around 8:30pm and caught a taxi to the Park Inn hotel. Which was in a great location next to Alexanderplatz which is one of the places borne supremacy was filmed, I was on the 28 th floor and the view was great with the TV tower right across from the hotel which was lit up at night with all the other buildings. I didn’t get to the hotel till 9pm so I was too tired to go exploring so I watched some German TV and Bourne Supremacy before going to bed.

Berlin 2005 Day 2

Tuesday 5 th April 2005 I got up around 10am and headed out to the underground train. I travelled to the other side of Berlin to see the Egypt museum which happened to be closed stopping for dinner along the way. So I decided to go across the road to Schlob Charlottenburg Royal Palace . Which was re built after the war, I had a tour of the chambers and halls which where covered in gold and pictures of kings and queens for an hour or so then headed back to the under ground and headed to Zoologsiher Garten to take some photos of a bombed church which has been left like it was for remembrance. After taking loads of pictures I headed to Potsdamerplatz to have a look at the Sony Centre which was and very amazing building as in was made of glass and had a mirror fountain in the centre which reflected the strange built roof. So I took a ton of photos before heading back to the hotel for tea and relax which the view of the Berlin sky line from my bed room window as the sun set. I went for a look around the hotel and found loads of shops and burger king so grabbed some food and collected some leaflets from reception to plan tomorrow’s day of exploring before I went bed.

Berlin 2005 Day 3

Wednesday 6 th April 2005 Today I decided to go on the Berlin sightseeing tour bus. It was a two hour trip from my hotel and around Berlin and back. There were 15 stops however the first time I decided to stay on all the way around. Once I got back to the hotel I went for some dinner then headed back on the tour bus and headed to Brandenburg gate. There I bought some souvenirs and took lots of photos before getting back on the bus and travelled passed the palace Schob Charlottenbury around the city however we ended crashing so we had to jump off and get on the next bus. We headed passed Potsdamerplatz and passed the Jewish museum passed check point Charlie and passed the Berlin wall. Once we got back to the hotel I got off again and headed to the TV tower. It wasn’t very far from the hotel just around the corner. I headed up to the top of the TV tower which was 206metres high. I spent ages taking photos and taking in the great view I headed back down and headed back to the hotel. I had enough running around for one day so I decided to watch films all night. I watched Underworld, Bourne Supremacy again, and then got some tea before watching The Manchurian Candidate and The Terminal.

Berlin 2005 Day 4

Thursday 7 th April 2005 After a very late night of 3am watching films I was very tired however I still got up at 11am to go to see check point Charlie and get some photos and more souvenirs. I bought a Berlin T-shirt, lots of flags and some bits and bobs. Then headed to see Gendarmenmarkt to take some photos and headed back to the hotel to drop my stuff off. After that I caught a tram to the sea life centre and spent around an hour exploring the centre and the Aqua Dome. I took a ton of photos before heading to Berliner Dom. i.e.: Berlin Cathedral and spent a while looking around the massive gold interior decorated with religious pictures and a massive set of organs after taking even more photos I headed out side. I had started raining when I got so I spent some time sat under the arches until it stopped raining. After it had stopped I set off into the Schobplatz to take some photos of the cathedral from the front and taking photos of Lust Garten and museum of national Gallerie. I was now on my last memory card and roll of film so I headed back to the tram and back to the hotel at Alexanderplatz. When I got back to the hotel I made a few phone calls and sorted out my suitcase and bag ready for tomorrow. Then headed for some food and to find some more film to replace the film I had just used. I took the last photos of the sunset and got an early night.

Berlin 2005 Day 5

Friday 8 th April 2005

Well my last day I am flying out at 9am from Tegal Airport Berlin so I had to get up at like 5am to be at the airport on time. I got the taxi about 6.30am from the hotel after getting a very large hotel bill but never mind. I had to wait ages at the terminal before I could check my luggage in and we flew out at 9.05am arriving in Amsterdam at just passed 10am . I had some time to go shopping as my plane was delayed to 12pm Europe time. After exploring the shops and buying lots of stuff. I headed to my terminal. I arrived in Manchester late around 12.30pm UK time to get picked up and taken home.

Thanks for reading my Journal and hope you enjoyed hearing about Berlin and checking out some photos. I will be putting more photos online soon. So keep checking back. The photos will be posted on Turner Photos.

See Y’all later.

Paul Turner