France Trip 2006 Day 1

Well we set off at about 4am after only having about 2 hours sleep probably not even that and we had to drive down to Luton airport in London. We stopped off along the way through Birmingham getting breakfast and then headed straight for London. About 3 miles before our junction we hit major traffic which took ages to get through. But once we got through we headed for the sky park and dropped off the car and got the bus to the airport. We arrived at the airport about 9am which was a bit early but better than being late. We got a drink and a fruit and custard Danish then checked in our luggage and headed to security to go into the departure area. After having a look around the shops and getting a few supplies we headed for the long trek to the Gate which took about 30mins after stopping off for a quick drink break. Then we waited to board the plane at 11am we set off just before 12pm and got to Brest by 1:50pm (France time) it was a very short flight and we met Uncle Mike after collecting our luggage. Then headed to his house which took about 1hour and a half drive once we got there we unloaded our luggage and settled in. We then went off to do some food shopping and the get petrol and when we got back to sat and rested plus watched House and Grey’s Anatomy before going to sleep.
Anyway that’s all for the first day of the trip keep checking back for new updates. Plus there will be photos added once I get back as I don’t have anyway to get my photos on the my uncles PC anyway until next time
Au Revoir

France Trip 2006 Day 2

Bonjour, Well after a great long sleep I got up about 9am and had a play on the PSP until I had Breakfast about 10am we had a chat to the next door neighbor before setting off to Concarneau to see the beach and Ville Close. The sky was very clear and the sun was very hot it was about 32c by midday. We parked up at a pier and we had a walk on the pier and down to Ville Close which is a fortified village surrounded by the Ocean. We walked around the shops which were a bit like the street in Harry Potter. We stopped at a Pizzeria to get lunch then walked around a section of the wall then headed back to the shops and got some sweets, smelly sticks a flag and some ice cream before heading back to the car we had a drive around the town before heading back to my uncles house. On the way back to stopped of and walked around Rosporden Lake we only walked around the first one however there is a few different lakes these are mainly for fishing but it was a nice walk and got to see ducks and swans. I must have taken about 200 photos, plus I have been taking video footage well which I will be editing for my video Podcast when it’s up and running. I had some time playing on the PSP before having tea and then started to type the past two days Journals. I spent sometime trying to find a hotel in London ready for next week as it needs booking usually 5days before as London is busy. Anyway until tomorrow. Au Revoir

France Trip 2006 Day 3

            Well last night we stayed up pretty late till about 2am and then I didn’t get up till about 11am so we decided not to go too far so we decided to go and see some chapels. First we traveled to Chapelle Saint Fiacre which was a gothic church built around 1400’s that was pretty cool we took photos and got to walk around inside. Then we headed to see Le Trambour de ville (a small part of the town with a chapel and just down the round we went to see Le marche du Faouet (which was a very old market building) and then headed to see Chapelle Saint Barbe before I went to have a look around we sat down to have lunch it was pretty late about 3pm by then. Once I went to have a look at the place it was pretty amazing and have a bell tower not built in but separate and the place had longs steps and a arch to got down to get to it. The church was built into the side of a mountain and after I ran round taking photos I followed a sign to a fountain which was a steep rocky path and I twisted my ankle on the way down but I stopped for a minute and carried on down the path coming to a small little fountain then I followed the sound of water to a river which was pretty nice after taking photos I headed back to climb up the path which was very hard work with my ankle hurting but a managed it pretty quick with only one break. After we hiked back up to the shop we got ice cream before heading to uncle Mikes friends house in Langonnet and caught the end of the England match and stayed there talking for awhile and then followed some friends back to there house and spent awhile talking in the sun. We left there around 7pm and headed to see a nearby lake before heading back to the house. We took a nice country road back to Guiscriff and to the house for tea.

France Trip 2006 Day 4

Well last night it rained a bit for the first time while we where here we went bed around midnight and I got up about 9:30am one of Mikes friends where here and we chatted to him for awhile before setting off to go to the shops first we went to the bakery to get bread and then to Inter-marche to get shopping. Once we come back we got the fishing stuff ready while mum made sandwiches and we set out and drove through Pont-Aven and to Port Manech where we spent the day fishing I caught a bunch of small crabs and two of little fish what looked a bit tiny cat fish however we spent ages trying to catch big fish using different bates however we didn’t get anything. We met a few couples of English people some living there and some on holiday. We was fishing with one couple and spent all day but they didn’t catch anything either. Plus other people who where locals didn’t catch anything too so it was very strange but we had fun. On the way back we passed through Rospico and Nevez on the way to Ponte de Trevignon and when for a walk across the rocks and the sand taking lots of photos we then headed back to Nevez and order Pizza which took about 20mins to make so we went for a walk around the church and found a little church and then headed back to the pizza shop to pick up the food then headed to Pont-Aven to sit down in front of a the river where the boats where anchored to eat our Pizza then I took some photos before we headed back to the house. When we got back we went across the road to talk to the neighbors and I played with the dogs for a bit before we headed back to the house.

France Trip 2006 Day 5

Well I had a lie-in till about 10am once we got up we spent some time getting ready and having breakfast and talking to one of the neighbors. We set off towards Quimperle we passed through and headed to Le Pouldu which was a nice beach and port where we walked on the beach and watched some people put up a ships mask using a crane. After we walked back to the car we headed to Doelan port stopping at another beach along the way where we sat and took photos for a bit before heading for the port of Doelan where there was great view of a beach and ships in the port. We traveled around to the other side of the port and then headed to Quimperle were we had a walk around the town taking photos of the river and some old buildings which were pretty cool then headed to get bread and some cakes before heading back to the car and traveled back to the house where we ate our cakes and Mike cooked tea. After tea I surfed the internet for awhile but the neighbors came over and wanted help with the computer it turned out they needed something printing and we couldn’t get the information off the computer so I had to spend ages typing French essay into my laptop to take it over to Mikes to print it. After that I was knackered and headed to bed.