Zurich 2004 Day 5

Friday 10 th September 2004 

Today I had to get up and pack ready to explore Zurich . I had my breakfast and finished packing before leaving to meet Amy at the train station across the river from the hotel. We had around 5 hours to explore Zurich before I had to set off to get to the airport. We went around all the different churches taking photo’s while walking closer and closer to the lake. Once there we decided to catch a round trip boat around the lake. We sat and talked on the hour and half boat ride before I had to set off back to the hotel to get my luggage we did some shopping and said good bye. I had to get a train to the airport. Once at the airport I checked in and went shopping I brought lots and lots of chocolate and presents before going to the gate to catch the plane. It was late by the time we set off so I listened to music after having tea on the plane and went to sleep and woke up in Manchester .

I hope you have enjoyed reading and looking at my photos of my treks around Europe . I have one more journal to post which is Barcelona . I will be posting this within two weeks.

Paul Turner

France 2007

France 2007 Flight booked

Thursday 4 October

Manchester to Brest

 on flight BE1095 Depart: 10:05, Arrive: 12:55

Saturday 13 October

Brest to Manchester

 on flight BE1096 Depart: 09:50, Arrive: 10:30