Texas 2005 Day 36

Tuesday 8th March 2005

Today I slept most of the day as I was very tired. I did manage to watch 28 days a film about a drunk who had a car crash and got sent to camp to try and quit drinking and loads of crazy stuff happened. It was pretty funny film and then I started to watch The Last Samurai however the DVD player started playing up so I ended up stopping it completely. Then I carried on packing my suitcases before going to sleep.

Texas 2005 Day 37

Wednesday 9th March 2005

Today my last day well I got woken up when they got a call to say Madison was sick and they were meeting up at the Hospital so Eric and Linda left to go to the hospital. So I spent the morning working on the website Journals and listening to music. I also spent time making a list of some of the country music which was good, which I’ll put on the website when I get back. After they got back they took me for a drive to see the Dam Sign (This was pretty cool as it was a sign saying “Slow down see our Dam, Speed up see our Dam Judge, Max speed 40mph”), The Dam, The Dam Barn and The Dam River. Everything had Dam at the front of it in this area near the Dam. Then we went to silver springs Café to meet up with Dorothy and Tim for my last night in Texas . Were we had a nice meal, caught up and said our good byes. This will be the last time I will see Dorothy L I’m going to miss her so much but on the bright side only 9-10months to I come back yeeehaaa.

Texas 2005 Day 38

Thursday 10th March 2005

We got up early and I finished all my last minute packing. Linda and Eric wanted to take me to get a picture of the lake before I left. I got to the airport a little before 10am and checked my luggage in. I went to find my gate however it turned out my flight was delayed and didn’t arrive till 1:30pm so I went for some food and sat around talking to some other people waiting for the flight. I made to last calls to the UK and when 1:30pm came the guy said there was something wrong and they have to get someone to fix it. It kept being delayed and delayed. A few other people came to find that they had missed their flights in Atlanta and have to try finding another flight which wasn’t full. If I didn’t leave San Antonio by 4pm I would miss my flight to Manchester and would be stuck in Atlanta for a week till a flight became free for me. So when it came to 3:30pm I was going to rearrange my flight for the next time instead of being stuck in Atlanta with hardly any money. However as I got up the guy said we was leaving. Dam I nearly got an extra week in Texas never mind however when I got to Atlanta I have less than an hour to get to my gate and I couldn’t fins any shops near my gate to spend my last few dollars. My flight to Manchester was on time at 8:05pm Georgia time and I made it in time to get to the gate. The flight back was bad, it was a shorter flight however I was still feeling ill and over heating and the plane didn’t even have A/C so I had to cool my self down with as much ice as I could get. There was a few movies on the plane, shall we dance, an episode of friends, an episode of cheers, the new finding never land which I didn’t watch as it was pretty boring and I wasn’t in the mood.

Texas 2005 Day 39

Friday 11th March 2005

We Arrived at Manchester Airport at 8.50am UK time which was early than we expected but we had a tail wind of 100mph most of the way, Bash picked me up to take me home, and I still hadn’t slept but didn’t want too. I spent the day unpacking my luggage, and talking to my friends. Today had been a very long day of 32hours with no sleep so I slept 12 hours the next night before going back to work.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my time in Texas, I have decided to go back next year for the Trail Ride, and all of it this time. So don’t forget to get out the picture section as I will be adding pictures as I get them developed over the next month or two.

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until next year have a great 2005. Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaa

Paul Turner