Texas 2005 Day 8

Tuesday 8th February 2005

oday is my relaxation day, yeeee haaaaaa. I spent around an hour and half going through all my 100 – 200 emails. I decided to ring a few of my friends and my grandma to chat to them for a bit, which cost a fortune from here. I played fetch with buddy one of Dorothy dogs and spent around an hour or 2 writing the journal for the past 7 days for the website while watching day time TV which still sucks and doesn’t matter what continent you’re in. Dorothy is working most of today and Doug is flying out so there isn’t much else today apart from hang out with the horse’s, cows and dogs. I took a trip to the store which too around nearly an hour to get there and back and it was the closest store. Then came back and had some lunch. I spent an hour with the horses before it got dark and then came back to the house to work on the website. Plus I had to ring around a load of people in the UK to try and get my credit cards working again but everywhere was closed.

Texas 2005 Day 9

Wednesday 9th February 2005

Today I decided I would join Dorothy to work at a high school. I spent the talking and answering questions about Great Britain and Europe , and the differences in food, lifestyles, music, TV, people, laws, crime and how people live. We had a few great classes which were very inquisitive and interesting in finding as much as they could about other countries on the other side of the sea, 6000 miles away. I met up with lots of Dorothy’s friends and students. After we had finished all the classes for the day we had to go to a meeting for a few minutes and I was invited to come into another teacher’s class before I leave America . Once we had finished we had to meet up with Isabelle and Eva at the Ford Dealership for Dorothy’s Pickup truck to go in for a repair. We then dropped Isabelle and Eva off at the Rodeo as they had tickets to see a show and then we went to swap Isabelle’s car for Dorothy’s old Truck and then went for some food. We got back to the house early so I spent some time on the internet and we watched TV before going to sleep.

Texas 2005 Day 10

Thursday 10th February 2005

Today I decided I needed a lie in as I was up at 6am so I slept in till 8:30am even though its not very late but they don’t have black out curtains or actuarial curtains which don’t stop the light coming in so basically you end up waking up when the sun does thank god its winter and the sun comes up late and not like 5am. So this morning I decided to carry on working on the website and went and picked the best photos out of the digital photos as I have not yet got the films developed yet. I put up 2 days worth of photos on the website and decided I needed to get the house sorted out as we have all been that busy nobody has had the chance. However later that day I decided to go and check on the horses and cows to see how they was doing.

Texas 2005 Day 11

Friday 11th February 2005

Today I decided to go to school with Dorothy again so a very early morning again and stayed around and played on the internet. At dinner we picked up the truck from the repair shop. After school we took a ride into down town San Antonio. Then went to pick up hector and went for some food at Whataburger for tea and met up with Tim, after food Dorothy and hector went to the rodeo, and I and Tim set off to his house to stay for the night. Tim lives in a great beautiful log house on the water front of Medina Lake . That night we took out the boat for a trip to the dam and back to the house which took around 1-2 hours ride. Then we watched some films and videos, while falling asleep watching a western video.

Texas 2005 Day 12

Saturday 12th February 2005

Tim got me up around 9am and we set off to run some errands and go for breakfast at tadpoles a local cafĂ©, after breakfast we went to one of Tim’s neighbors and then headed to Bandera to have a look at some saddle shops to see if there was any good saddles for Tim to buy as he has just bought Qervo off Dorothy. At the same time I got a Texas flag while we was in town and headed to the civic hall as there was a meeting about an agreement on giving land owners property away to a company and paying them for doing so. The meeting went on for around two hours as people voiced their opinions about it. Personally I think it’s a total joke having to pay some one for giving your own land away and then giving them all the rights access to the water in full control to someone else. It’s totally crazy. They should be paying them for the land but they say they own it in the first place but can’t prove it and the land homers owners have deeds which say they do anyway after that we went back to the house and watched Die Hard on satellite. Then we met up with Dorothy and went for a fundraising meal for the local library. Afterwards we went back and Dorothy got a ride on the boat while I watched Satellite TV.

Texas 2005 Day 13

Sunday 13th February 2005

Today we got up around 7:30am and the plan was to go and get Doug’s new horse from a place called llano. Today’s weather had changed completely and it was warm and sunny and very clear skies the best weather since in have been here. We set off around 8:30am to Bandera were we was meeting up with some of out trail ride friends as they was coming with us and we was all going for a trail ride. However we only just found this out and we hadn’t any horses, on the trip there I took loads of pictures of creeks, fields, rivers and hills. We finally arrived at the Running R Ranch where we was getting the new horse from which turned out to be called Surprise and the lady who owned had spent 2 hours setting up horses to take a wagon out so we could ride in the wagon. I and Tim ended up in the wagon with the owner however riding the wagon was fun but I still would have preferred to ride a horse. So I just took pictures on the trip and back and collected a few rocks to bring back. I and Dorothy got a trip back on the wagon and Tim went off with the rest of the group. As we needed to get the new horse loaded and home before it got too dark to set up the pen for the horse to stay in and also for the horse to be able to meet the other horses in the light so it wouldn’t be as scary for Surprise. After we settle the horse in we fetched it some hey and headed out for some food at a Steak House which was the only place open at that time on a Sunday night. After our tea we came home and watched Simpson’s before going to sleep.

Texas 2005 Day 14

Monday 14 th February 2005

Today was an early start as I decided to join Dorothy to the golf tournament today so after picking up the lads at the school we headed to the golf course. Plus today’s weather also was great which bright blue skies and sunny a great day for them to play golf. After they had warmed up and Dorothy had taken them to their starting positions we met up with Tim again and went for some breakfast and happened to bump into some of the other golf coaches getting there breakfast too. We had till around 4pm to get back as this is when we had to pick them up so we went shopping for a new saddle for Tim so he can ride on Qervo. We traveled all the way to Bandera looking for a saddle what was just right we found a few but need to test them out on one of the horses to make sure. We then noticed time had gone really quick and we had to get back to pick up the lads on the tournament however because of the weather they finished late so we had to wait another hour at that time the temperature was around 30degrees C which is pretty hot but really nice better than raining any day. Then headed back to drop them off before going to an all you can eat restaurant in down town where we met up with Hector and had some pretty nice food. Then headed back to feed the horses and then we found that one of the cows had escaped and had to search and repair the fence before heading off to sleep.