Dueling Tournament

Over the next summer I will be running 2 Tournaments
lvl 19 Twink and lvl 70 twink Tournaments this will be held on the PTI private server. so everyone will have the best gear and enchants so it will be down to how well you play the class of your choice. Here is how Dueling matches will be played out.

There will be 2 rounds each round is 5 duels, Once round 2 is complete the ones who win the most out of both round 1 and round 2 (10 matches) will be the winner of that set and move on to the Quarter finals. the looser will go on the next round to play the loosing Quarter finals.
Then the Winner’s of those are entered into the Finals.
Looser are entered into the Loosing Finals.
There will also be Fun round for the Winners of the Finals.Hope you like this should be fun dont worry it will be spread over a month so you will have time to plan tactics between each round.