Weekly News Update

Not much playing WoW at all over the past week I havent organised any events as its easter next week. Family time and all so go be with your family but dont forget PTI easter hunt will start friday check the website on friday for more info.

Screenshot competition is STILL OPEN so send them in please I’m also putting a easter slideshow together so on easter day get plenty of pics to send to me.

I decided today since we have more lvl 70’s now and you need new gear.
Most of you are all PvPing alot,
so I’m making a pti arena 5v5 team started tuesday 18th March so you get start collecting for Season 2 or 3 gear upto you I prefer Season 2 cos it looks nicer but its upto you.

You need to be online around 6pm – 9pm UK time for the Arena matches will only take around 30-60mins depending on waiting times but usely fast on a tuesday. This will normaly Run every monday however if you want to get them in early maybe wednesday.

I hope you all got orbs and Honored with Argent Dawn if you aint BETTER hurry up.

Remember Onyxia Attunement is at the last weekend of the month so if you not going to be free you need to do it with someone else when you can. We will be Raiding Onyxia lair next month and MC so you need Attunement for both ASAP lvl’s 60+.