Weekly Life Update

17th march 2008

well last week was the first week back at RA was fun VERY hard work did about 150 miles + running all over the place so it took it out of me so im going to need more rest 😦 than normal.

Did a Catch up on Stargate Atlantis season 5 watched the lot in the evening and watched about 6 films over the weekend,

Stardust – I thought was a pretty funny film some sweet chick flicks bit but very funny.
Enchanted – yet another chick flick childrens film which was sweet and funny too.
Alvin and the chipmunks – VERY funny RoLFLMAO film loved to bits the best bit the coffee bit.

and before you say Ive gone soft also watched,
Resident Evil 3 – Ace film some jumpy bits liked those, ending was dry but hell all those for the next film should be bloody ace.
AvP2 – I heard bad things about this but I loved it the normal all humans die woohooo with some pretty funny bits too.
Flashpoint – a chinese film full of marshal arts well I only got to watch the first 10mins as martin wanted to play LAN games but it is in chinese but I will finish it.