Well apprently some stargate fan worked out March 14th is also Asgard day

March 14 is traditionally celebrated as Pi Day by mathematicians, math teachers and math classes… since Pi is approx 3.14

In the episode of SG-1, Thor’s Chariot, where Daniel met the Asgard for the first time, he deemed himself worthy by, in effect, representing Pi on the wall…

on the wall with the shapes, Daniel drew a radius in the circle…

Pi = Circumference / diameter
Pi = Circumference / (2xRadius)

Pi is one of the most important and significant numbers in mathematics… so much so that its calculation spread across every major civilization of Antiquity from Egypt to Babylon to India to the Hebrews to Archimedes in Ancient Greece…

And since Daniel drew the radius inside the circle, he was in effect visually representing Pi
Since the circumference was already shown, by adding the radius, he depicted the number Pi as a relation of the circumference and radius of a circle…
As Carter said: “Pi is the formula for finding the circumference of a circle by measuring the radius.”
technically, Pi is not a formula, but a mathematical constant as already stated above.

and if I am not mistaken, regarding the runes on the wall, Daniel translated them as 3 14 15 and 9 or 3.14159

Ergo, I do declare, that hereforth March 14 shall be celebrated by all Gateheads as Asgard Day… ”