PTI Private Server Day 4

Well Martin spent 4hrs trying to update the server to 2.3.3 we got it running on the server but no other pc would connect
so we have gone back to 2.1.3 for the time being. also found out that we might have problems transfering all the stuff we done on the 2.1.3 to the 2.3.3 because the newest version is Assent rather than Mangos so I might have to rebuild the mall and everything again 😦 but oh well. Apprently Assent is alot better server anyway so it will probs be worth it.
The photos I added for day 4 are of the Mall and the oil rig which is where all the class and proffesion trainers will be.
The area with the horde and alliance flags on Fun Island is a Twink Dueling area where we will be running competitions. Its not finished as I still got to build the inner dueling ring and I will also be building a stand on the hill to get a better view of the action.