Stargate: Continuum news

NEW! March 11 – “In Continuum I particularly like the scene where the team comes through the gate and realizes they are in a frozen ship in the Arctic. I think that — without giving away too many spoilers, that’s at the beginning of the movie — it was the jumping-off point that Brad used to come up with the whole story.”
(Executive producer Robert C. Cooper, in a fan Q&A video at

  • NEW! March 11 – Continuum is done. It was shot at the same time and then delayed in its post-production until ‘Ark’ was finished, and Brad’s [writer and producer Brad Wright] finished it off, now. … I know it will be coming out at the end of July to coincide with Comic-Con.

    “… [The Goa’uld] are a big part of Continuum. That’s why I say nothing is ever dead. People said, ‘Oh, the Goa’uld were done and the Ori were in season nine,’ but there were a number of stories involving the Goa’uld in Seasons Nine and Ten. Baal was still a significant factor in terms of being a villain in the show, and I think we kept them alive and used what was interesting about them. That plays a huge part in Continuum, which is a bit more of an old school SG-1 story.”
    (Executive producer Robert C. Cooper, in an interview with