Guild News 11-03-06

Hey this week im holding off the raids due to work on the private server. see New Private Server section
Boost Night is normal liddle is running however he not been on much lately any problems eldrath should be able to cover for him.

There will be a ALL PTI members meeting soon so keep an eye out for time and date
I need to chat to you all and get your views on the private server and let you know how I think is the best way to make it good for everyone.

Current bt raids have been cut short due to problems so can we start them earlier please like 6pm Uk time rather than 7pm-8pm I want you to get to see more than just the first two boss’es.

BT raid will be 6pm UK time Saturday 15th.

Black portal Run is this friday 14th SO COME ON its fun takes like 20mins max 30mins. plus still 50g prize 😛
and if you dont know where it is, you have to run from Human start to Blasted lands at the Dark Portal.

Darkmoon faire the Dates where messed up on the offical website so it was last week sorrie blame Bizzard.