Guild News Update

Hey guys well still afew of you sorting out your new logins to raid
so hopefully have some fun raiding together soon.
Remember check wow page for Guild only updates.

ok well nearly everyone has got orbs.
the other thing you also need Honored with Argent Dawn if you havent get it done ASAP
for Naxx Attunement you need
5 Arcane Crystals
2 Nexus Crystals
1 Orb

Nexus crystals shouldnt be a problem coz we will do MC and DE the stuff so everyone will get them. You need to find your own Arcane Crystals usely 1g on AH so start getting them now. Plus you need to save up 60g FAST. we want to be doing naxx by the end of April.

Im doing a twink Night to finish off my twinks so if you got twinks you can join in on the runs will be doing Stocks, DM,BFD and maybe WC. will probs be on my Boost nite at the end of the month.

Onyxia Attunement
Will start Friday 28th March we can try to do it all in one night it does require BRD runs but only certain part. Min lvl is 58 more info closer to the time.

New WoW Server
Still searching for a better server for us to raid on at the moment trying lots of different ones but I am proberly going to have to run my own then it will be PTI only and we can then also make custom raids too once we get bored of doing the current ones.

Well I am sick of waiting for this to come since blizz cant get their act together and give us any decent information of its release. However it does look to be more like October now so screw you blizz for messing around with us.

Screenshot Competition
Is on til end of March you can add your own pictures now on the guild only page wow at the top. Remember to get the password of Guild info.

WoW Movie Player
I made a cool little movie player post some nice and some very funny wow videos off the offical wow website so take a look. Click here