Hobby’s 2008

Well think its time for an update in my new hobby’s as the last post was a copy from 2004 before I had my Appendix taken out.

Well you all know I like working on websites since your looking a my new one www.dotsk.org hope you like it. Im working on two other new websites for friends which will be released soon.

Well I got into Geocaching about 1 year ago and it was good fun searching for hidden boxes around manchester good fun and took Matt and Charlie to find them too.
want to know more chech out www.geocaching.com I have also started a section on my website to show some of my travel bugs and caches I have already found.

World of Warcraft
Yes I got addicted to WoW as we call it or Warcrack as non players call it.
However over the past month or so I dont play so much as im working on the website alot however I have started a new project for the website called Tour of WoW to show people around the world in which Millions of people live in. Take a look at my WoW Section

I got into Travian while I was bored in France now its got pretty good I have 7 Villages on my main account and have started a project of another village on a different server.
take a look at the offical site www.travian.com Plus have a look at my Travian Section