Laser Quest Laser quest is a real life game where the object is to shoot as many people as possible whith out being shot your self.i first joined laser quest in feb 2003.
ive enjoyed playing laser quest loads and loads of times this year with my friends. i am nearly always first place yey. im at first place in my league. i will get some photos of my team soon. for now try it your self it’s great fun. for more information see laser quest .
my team website to come soon.Cycling

Cycle For Life is run by Cancer Research UK. Their aim is to raise money to treat cancer for men. The cycle for life events are ran through out the UK. Each event is around 15miles each and take around 2 to 3hours to complete. So far i have been to manchester, Leeds and coventry cycle for life events in 2003. see days out.
for more information on cycle for life, either to cycle or to volunteer go to www.cycleforlife.co.uk


CTC is the cycling touring club which i joined in july 2003. they run events through the year to collect points and medals. they also have the small clubs which run cycles around the country every sunday.
im apart of the south manchester club. www.smctc.org.uk
the main website is www.ctc.org.uk
they are also in sponsorship of cancer research uk’s cycle for life
also see days out


I first starting building and looking after websites in sept 2001. At first i played around with HTML. In Feb 2002 i opened up DOT.SK website which was all about computer games and loads of other stuff too. DOT.SK closed down at the start of 2003 due to the expensive costs of owning http://www.dotsk.co.uk . It had a massive amount of visitors over its 2 years around 200 visits a month. But hopefully I will be reopening it soon as i can redesign and get loads of new stuff to put on.
At the moment I am currently designing some new sites, my personal website,


I first started robots in sept 2001 as i was starting college and a company released cybot magazine. I thought it would be a good idea to start up a club at my college. john decided to help just organise it and be the teacher who supervises with the building.
the first year was mainly coming up with ideas there was not very much take up on the club. however in sept 2002 we got funding from college to start the robot. the club set off with around 10 members how ever we didnt do much with the robot at that time until around march when the group had reduced to 3 in total. the idea was then put into action around july and we started building.
the team in also coming in to college over summer to carry on building. we are also organising a trip to robot wars filming at the end of aug 2003. There are some photos of the robot here . we also have a group website here.


I first started making cards when i went round to my grandmas. she ha made a desk and got lots of stickers and stamps to make cards with.
so i thought i would have some fun making some birthday cards for all my friends. click here to see the latest ones.