Texas 2006 Day 8

Monday 30 th January 2006

That morning I had a bit of a lie in I slept in Dorothy’s truck and got up about 6:30am as Dorothy had to take the truck to the next camp site as I wasn’t riding today as I had to take the van back to the rental company and get a new one. I got another Dodge Caravan in green this time however it was a lower model than the gold one. I headed back to meet them on the trail ride and picked up the keys for the trailers and picked up the dogs and loaded the van with my stuff and got beer supplies and followed the trail ride most of the way to the new camp site and headed ahead to get some soda I met them up before dinner and had pizza then headed back to the camp site and waited for them to come back and take them to pick up the trailers and back again. That night we had tea in with the trail ride and headed to pick up Ainsley (Amanda’s Daughter) where they had showers and we headed back to hand out with the trail ride and some of Dorothy’s friends from Hill Country came to our camp site and stayed till late however I when bed early as I put Ainsley to bed and then slept in the Van.

I did around 100 miles of Driving.