Texas 2006 Day 6

Saturday 28 th January 2006

The trail ride started early and I got up about 5am and we registered about 6am before saddling up. I didn’t ride today however I followed the trail ride and looked after the dogs. About dinner time I set of to get beer supplies for everyone and met up with them and Tim met up with us at one of the break stops too. After they finished the ride I drove another trail rider back to the camp site as Dorothy and Amanda got a lift with Tim to pick up the trailers and trucks and we traveled to the new camp site. That night after they finished sorting out the horses we set off to go to the Dance Hall however as I was reversing from the camp site I crashed into one of Dorothy’s horse by accident because I didn’t see it in the dark. However it didn’t get hurt too much and I unloaded the van and we headed to the Dance Hall. We didn’t get back till midnight and I went sleep in the back of a freezing cold van as the back window had smashed.

I did around 50 miles driving.