Texas 2006 Day 5

Friday 27 th January 2006

I got up about 6:30am and set off to Wal-Mart about 8am to get radios for while on the trail I got 12 mile range radios the best ones they had. I can back to sort them out and start them charging ready for the trail ride. Dorothy got back from work about 4am and we started to get the horses ready and load the trailer up. Isabel and Eva turned up to load her stuff into the trailer and help load the horses once we finished Amanda arrived and loaded her stuff and Dorothy loaded her clothes. We set off pretty late for a 2 hour drive to Kerrville to the camp site. Stopping to fill up the Van on the way and to get food by the time we arrived in Kerrville it was about 10pm and we sorted the horses out and I slept with Princess Amanda’s dog in the van.

I did around 150 miles of driving.