Texas 2006 Day 40

Friday 3 rd March 2006

We finally arrived in Manchester at about 7:45am English Time and it was freezing cold. -8c crazy cold from just coming from 30-40c weather we collected our luggage and I let Tina use my cell phone and gave her my contact details before saying my good bye and headed to meet my mum and headed to the car. It took sometime getting home as the traffic was bad. When I got home I showed my new things to my mum, my Nanna, my sister, next door, Bash, my dad and my brother Nathan came round too. By the end of the day I was very tired so I fell asleep about 8pm .
Well this is the end of my Texas trip 2006 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it and hope you like to see the photos which I’m sorting out so they will be available soon so keep checking back. But for now thanks for reading and hope you can read about my next trip wherever that will be.
Paul Turner Signing off,