Texas 2006 Day 39

Thursday 2 nd March 2006

I got up at 7am and finished off packing and got everything ready loaded the Van and said good bye to Dorothy and to all the Horses while driving down the drive. I set of at 8am to the airport it took awhile to get there as it was busy traffic I got to the rental company at 9:15am and they did the paper work loaded my luggage onto a mini bus and headed to terminal 2 for 10am once I checked it my luggage I headed through security and had half a Turkey sub for breakfast I made some last phone calls before going shopping for some last minute gifts and headed for my gate. I spent an hour waiting to board as they had delayed the plane by 30mins due to Chicago Airport . Be left about 12:30pm in the end and I slept most of the flight. I Arrived in Chicago and it took me 30mins to an hour to find the right gate so I got McDonalds and was talking to some people from Liverpool for most of the long wait. We finally boarded at 5:30pm and set off at 6:10pm I was seated next to a lady called Tina from Seattle and we talked through most of the flight when we was awake. I must have slept through most of the flight as I was tired.

I did 60 miles of driving