Texas 2006 Day 38

Wednesday 1 st March 2006

Today I got up and finished of some packing fed the horses and me and Molly set out the visit the other Missions around south San Antonio . We traveled around San Juan , San Jose , Espanda and Espanda Aqueduct before heading back to the house and then had a sleep before setting off to go to Ainsley’s however on the way it was bad Sun glare and as I was traveling through La Vernia I didn’t see a pickup truck stopped in front of me at the last minute so I braked and when left and at the same time the Pickup turned left and I went straight into the side of it. However I was only going slowly so it didn’t do too much damage and nobody got hurt. We had to wait for the police to report it then I set off again at 7pm and headed for Ainsley’s. I got there at the same time as the pizza guy arrived so we had pizza and I watched Madagascar with Ainsley until about 9pm and she was tired so I read her a book and tucked her in. I talked to Amanda for a bit and said my good byes before heading back home.

I did 400 miles of driving