Texas 2006 Day 37

Tuesday 28 th February 2006

Today I got up pretty early and started to pack my luggage it took about 2-3 hours but I managed to do it by 10am and feed the horses before setting off to down town. When I got there I parked in the River Center Mall and went for a walk to the Buckhorn Museum . I spent just under an hour and taken over 200 pictures before heading back to the River Center to catch the show The Alamo Price of Freedom at 2pm . When I came out I went to have a look around the Mall then headed to San Pedro after having a long drive I headed north to meet up with Linda at China Harbor but before I got there I went to have a look around Pet Smart and got a fish tank heater for Dorothy and a Chihuahua magazine. It was a task to get to the China Harbor but I got there in the end and we had a mixture of sea food and talked for ages till about 8-9pm. Then said our good byes as I am going to miss her until I come back then I headed back home, I got there about 10pm and watched TV before going bed.

I did 300 miles of driving