Texas 2006 Day 36

Monday 27 th February 2006

I got up around 9am and spent some time on the internet checking my emails and talking to my next door neighbor. I got dressed and set out with Molly to feed the horses before setting off to Corpus Christi . It took around 2-3 hours to get there as I stopped off for gas and DQ for dinner. When I got there I went to the USS Lexington which is a decommissioned Aircraft Carrier before going on board I took Molly for a walk on the Beach which she loved playing with the waves. I got on board the ship at 2pm and went straight to the IMAX (which they had built at the front of the ship) I watched the show “Fighter Pilot” which was about an international training mission for pilots and it showed how they trained which was really cool. This lasted about an hour and afterwards I headed to the flight deck and toured the control room. Before going down to tour the engine room taking loads of photos and then I decided to have a look around the shop and got some pressed pennies and some other stuff. I then I headed back to the car and dropped of the stuff let Molly out for a bit and then headed to the Aquarium for about 4pm. which didn’t give me much time so I only when around the first floor and collected some pressed pennies and some ID tags for me, my mum and my sister. I headed back to the car and me and Molly went for another walk on the Beach before going to get gas and Whataburger then we headed back. It only took 2 hours to get back for some reason must have been going faster to beat the sun as it had started to set which made the sky light up with lots of colours. When I got back I cleaned out the car and sat watching TV while writing my journals for the passed two days.

I did 300 miles of driving.