Texas 2006 Day 35

Sunday 26 th February 2006

I got up around 8am and I left the house about 9am to go and pick up my photographs from Wal-Mart getting McDonalds for breakfast on the way back. When I got back Ainsley and Amanda were here so I played with Ainsley and helped out Dorothy putting up the Hot Wire around the field to stop Surprise from breaking down the fence again. Me and Ainsley were cutting down some rose bushes and we found a grass snake which was pretty cool to watch and take photos of then Ainsley was playing taking photos at about 4pm we came in as it was very hot and I had already burned so we played on the laptop and listened to music we fell asleep about 5:30pm and got woke up to go to the Steak house at 7pm. we went down the road to The Steak Co. and had a big tea as we hadn’t eaten all day. We left there about 8:30pm and watched TV till we went to bed about 10:30pm .

I did 50 miles of driving