Texas 2006 Day 34

Saturday 25 th February 2006

That morning I got the longest lie in yet 10am as I was very tired I even slept through all the rain. Dorothy came back around 12pm and we sat around watching TV till about 2pm before heading to the west side of San Antonio for a Birthday party for one of Dorothy’s friends’ son’s. We stayed there till 6:30pm before heading to Dave and Busters where we met up with Ainsley, Amanda, Dion and Tim the place was well cool. It was a grown up version of Chucky Cheeses and me and Ainsley spent a fortune playing games collecting tokens we first collected 652 and Ainsley got a little cat and a bag. Then we collected another 2000 tokens before food and then another 1500 after food. When we cashed them we had 3500 so I got a T-shirt, a long horns teddy and a Disney teddy and Ainsley got some pompoms and this fairy set. We left pretty late about 11pm and got back at 12am an went straight to bed.

I did no driving.