Texas 2006 Day 33

Friday 24 th February 2006

Today I had to get up at 6:30am and pick the Germans up at 7am once they had loaded there stuff we set off to Houston . We stopping in Lulling and Flatonia to get food and gas the drive was about 4 hours so I got them to the airport by 12pm we said our good byes and they headed in. I went to Subway to get some dinner before heading to Memorial Park once there I had a look around and got a map of places to go. I then drove to the Rodeo and drove around there as it wasn’t open till Tuesday. I set of to Houston bay where Houston Space Center was. I got there about 3pm and had a look around the shops before going on the Johnson Space Center Tour to Mission Control. Where we got to see in the old mission control watching area where all the presidents and lots of stars have been. We watched live footage from the International Space Station as well as footage from the new Mission Control rooms. Then we headed to see some rockets two where models one was a fully working Saturn 5 rocket which was never used because the Apollo missions were cut before it had its chance. Then we headed back to the Space center and I did some more shopping before they closed. I came out about 5pm and I decided to head back to San Antonio which turned out to be a very long 7 hour drive. Most of it was traffic going through Houston . I stopped off in Sealy and Lulling along the way and had food and rest. I got back about 12am and went straight to bed.

I did 900 miles of driving.