Texas 2006 Day 31

Wednesday 22 nd February 2006

I didn’t sleep very well as I dreamed about was driving as I had driven all day. I kept waking up thinking I was driving and needed to stay awake to drive. So by the time I got up at 7am I was tired to hell. I got ready and did some laundry before cleaning out the car and sorting the trash out. I got the car ready by 9am and headed over to the German’s next door. Who I was supposed to be taking to the Wildlife Ranch yesterday but because I ended up in Dallas I couldn’t however we decided we would go today instead. We set off around 10am and got to the ranch about 11:30am we stopped off for donuts, Wal-Mart and to get the car cleaned on the way though. When we got there we drove around the ranch feeding and taking photos I only took digital on the first trip round though after going round we parked up and went to look at the petting zoo and the shop. Then headed to go around the ranch for the second time this time I took only film went through 9 rolls of film half way round we was attacked by Zebra’s which was funny as they stuck the head in the car and grabbed the whole back of food which then went everywhere inside. After feeding them properly to then carried on around the ranch the second time round was the most entertaining in all. When we got back to the car park we had to take photos of the giraffes before heading back home. We stopped at Wal-Mart on the way and got fuel and then headed back home when we got back we said hello to the horses and checked how the mums where doing. Then the Germans checked their emails on the internet before I took them back. Then while I was sorting the stuff out the Germans came back and wanted to know if I could take them out the airport in Houston which I said was no problem. Then I carried on sorting my stuff out and wrote the journals for the past 4 days.

I did 100 miles of driving