Texas 2006 Day 30

Tuesday 21 st February 2006

I got up at 6:30am got ready and set off about 7:45am I headed to the Omni theatre in Fort Worth however I was there at 8am and it didn’t open till 10am so I headed to Dallas to the Texas Stadium I got there at 9:30am after going through very heavy traffic and the tour started at 10am so I spent sometime looking around the shop and taking photos of outside the stadium. The tour consisted of just me and the tour guide so it felt like a person tour which was pretty cool. First we went into a $50’000 suite where I watch a video and had my photo taken (didn’t come out very well) next we headed down into the VIP room where there did events such as weddings and dinner during the games. I had my photo taken again (didn’t come out very well but better than the last one). We then headed down to the locker room where I took some photos and had my photo taken (this one was good) we headed on to the field where I had my photo taken a few times I got to kick a field goal from 20yards which took 4 tries before I nailed it on the 5 th one. Hard to run in cowboy boots and even harder to try to kick a football too after getting a goal by just hitting the post I had some time to take photos and have my photo taken in the centre of the field. Then we headed back to the shop where I got the photos put on CD and got a load more merchandise. I got back to the car at 11:30am and headed to the Fair Park the other side of Dallas getting food on the way from McDonald’s. I went into the Aquarium in the Park and took loads of photos and had a wonder around the park around the little lake in the middle of the park and took some photos before headed back to the car. I set off from there to go back towards Fort Worth to stop by the Palace of Wax and Ripley’s these are museums pretty cool ones too I spent about an hour or so taking lots of photos and started to run out of memory cards. I came out about 3pm and headed towards Fort Worth and I got to the Omni Theatre Early so I had 20mins to use looking around the shop and getting something to eat and drink then I went into the show at 4pm it was Roving Mars and was a documentary about the Rovers missions to Mars it was pretty cool inside to Theatre as the screen was not flat but the shape of the inside of a dome. The show finished around 5pm and I was so tired I couldn’t go in the Art museums as I didn’t know if I would be able to stay awake on the way back if I didn’t go now. So I headed back along I35W this time traveling south stopping a few times in places I can’t remember the names of but it will but marked on the map for you anyway. It took 5 hours to get back to San Antonio and I got to bed at 11pm .

I did 500 miles of driving.