Texas 2006 Day 29

Monday 20 th February 2006

Today I got up and was in the mood for a road trip so I got up and dress and ready for 9:30am and went round to the German’s but they didn’t want to go out so I headed towards Austin. When I got there I headed to Inner Space Caverns which was past Austin so I didn’t get to see much. The Caverns was in Georgetown and I got there at 12pm ready for the next tour at 12:15pm the tour started off with a cable car down a short slope and only did a maximum speed of 1.3mph once down the caverns we was 2miles deep inside and took photos of loads of cool stuff. Once we got to the last room the tour guide switched all the lights off so we were in total darkness which was pretty cool. Would drive you nuts if it was for a long time though and it’s said if you stayed in that for 6months or more your eyes would go into a coma and you would be blind. The caverns where only 70ft under the ground much less than the other caverns but still good after I came out at about 1:30pm and looked around the shop for awhile I got to the car about 2:30pm and then tried to decide on what to do in the end I decided to go to Dallas as I knew it was going to but fun plus I was already nearly halfway so I set off stopping in Waco and a few other places on the way the computer took me to a middle of a field where Dallas was suppose to be but for reason I must of put the wrong GPS coordinates into the system but never mind I headed back to I35 and headed to the correct place this time. I35 splits into I35W and I35E one going to Fort Worth and the other to Dallas and I headed along I35E which was the worst road in the world the thing had so many pot holes it was unbelievable to be classed as an interstate. When I got to Dallas it was amazing view of the city I tried to take as many photos as I could while driving. I drove past the Texas Stadium and then headed to Fort Worth getting lost just North of Fort Worth but I called Melba and she gave be her address and I headed there pretty easy to get there just lots of traffic not as bad as in Dallas though. When I got there it was pretty late about 7-8pm and we had a long chat and ate spaghetti, she was finding places for me to go in the morning off the internet. We found a few different places so I went bed about 10pm .

I did 400 miles of driving