Texas 2006 Day 27

Saturday 18 th February 2006

We had a lie in today and got up about 9:30am and I spent sometime talking to my mum on the phone afterwards I uploaded the journals and got dressed. I spent sometime taking photos of the horses and watching them play and chase each other around the field. Today was freezing cold so we didn’t stay outside much. Tim came round and we spent some time swapping photos. Then we set of on a convoy of Dorothy’s truck, my van and Tim’s van stopping at a restaurant on the way and had Taco’s. We set off again on 87 and headed for 1604 then on to 281. We got to Dion’s not long after leaving 281 Ainsley was there so I stayed playing with Ainsley and Princess who had both missed me loads and I missed them too. We had popcorn while watching cartoons and then set off to Chuckey cheeses about 4:30pm and got there about 5pm. we stayed till about 8pm we had pizza and drinks while and we played on arcade games and ticket machines where we had to collect tickets to get prizes. In the end we finished getting 115 tickets so Ainsley got a glitter lip gloss and a little fish. Then we left and said our good byes, Ainsley went back to Dion’s and I set off down 281 towards 35 and onto 410 before going on to 87 I stopped to get gas and went into Wal-Mart to get some stuff for Dorothy and I got some Oreo’s and two DVD’s “Just like Heaven” and “Elizabethtown”. When getting back to Dorothy’s I spent the rest of the time watching TV before going bed. I did 150 miles of driving.