Texas 2006 Day 25

Thursday 16 th February 2006

I got up about 10am and started getting ready I was suppose to be going to Canyon Lake however Linda was busy so I went to Natural Bridge Caverns. I set off around 12pm and I got there about 1:30pm and I got the next tour of the North Cavern which started at 1:35pm and was a tour 180ft under the surface through some natural and man made tunnels the cavern was very wet with humidity of 99% so by about half way the cameras were steamed up the tunnels where slippery and narrow, with some very steep sections. By the time I came out I was soaked and roasting so after about half miles walk back to the visitor center I had a large slush and waited for the photo to come out. When I came out of the center I bumped into my German friends and talked to them for 15 minutes before setting off the Canyon Lake . I got to Linda’s about 4pm and talked to Don for a few minutes before he had to go and pick up Steven. When Linda got back we went to drop some stuff off at one of her friend’s house. When we got back we spent the time watching a film and talking while Linda made Tea and about 9:45pm . I got back about 11pm and went to bed.

200 miles of driving