Texas 2006 Day 21

Sunday 12 th February 2006

Well today I wasn’t suppose to be going to the Rodeo however Dorothy didn’t want to go so instead I went I drove to Isabel’s house getting Subway for dinner on the way. I met up at their house about 12pm and we set off not long after that. I, Isabel, Eva and Tye was going to see the Rodeo and Bellamy Brothers concert. We got there a bit early so we spent some time on the grounds before going into the concert we got official US Army Dog Tags made for us and headed to the rodeo. This time I had remembered the camera and took around 500 photos of the rodeo and concert. After the concert Tye went home and me, Isabel and Eva stayed on the grounds we went and got free food and the food sample stands and worked our way to the a music hall where we stayed for while before calling Tye to pick us up. About 6pm and headed back to Isabel’s where I stayed till about 9pm talking and watching TV trying to understand Spanish TV and learning some of Isabel’s Friends. Then I headed back to Dorothy’s getting DQ on the way back. When I got back Frannie on of Dorothy’s friends was here and we sat around talking till 11pm before she left and Dorothy went to bed I stayed up watching TV till about 12am before going to sleep. I did about 60 miles of driving