Texas 2006 Day 20

Saturday 11 th February 2006

After getting up about 8am not having anything more than 5 hours sleep I tried to fall asleep again but wasn’t happening by 9:30am the tree guy showed up and we started to move the trees using Stan’s Tractor as Dorothy’s wouldn’t start. Then a few other friends turned up and we moved all the trees to the spots taken off the boxes and started planting them and watering them one by one. After planting 13 trees we all came inside for dinner having Fries and Burgers. At about 3pm we started to get ready for the Rodeo, Amanda and Ainsley turned up at 5pm so I played with Ainsley a bit while getting ready to go to the rodeo. Setting off just after 5:30pm we went to pick up Some German people who it was their first time to America and we took them to the Rodeo. At 7:30pm the rodeo started and I had forgotten by camera so I was taking photos for the German’s instead. Then about 9:30pm Montgomery Gentry concert started which I loved but nobody else did. So I missed the last bit of the concert as they wanted to leave. Then we headed back home to dropping of the Germans next door to Dorothy’s on the way.
I did no driving.