Texas 2006 Day 19

Friday 10 th February 2006

Finally a its rained it hasn’t rained in about 2 weeks and then it wasn’t much rain which has been causing allsorts of problems like burn bans and forest fires. I got up around 9am and checked my emails before writing my journals for the passed few days while listening to KJ97 a country music station. However after it is now raining I don’t feel like going out as I wanted to go up the tower and around the river walk which won’t be much good if it’s raining, as it’s too cloudy to see anything from the tower so that’s cancelled and I’ll have to find something else to do. I set off about 1pm and headed to San Antonio I dropped into the Rental Company to pay them for the rest of the amount for the Van then headed to find some shops. I ended up in Circuit City and got a new battery for my camera and some blank DVD’s and CD’s. I then headed to Dorothy’s school to meet up with her however she had already left so I met her at Applebees where we met a bunch of her friends from work and we sat around drinking, eating and talking. We left about 6:30pm to go to San Marcus where we were meeting some more friends. We stayed there till about 11:30pm . Then headed back however on the way back things got crazy my luck went out the window again when I lost Dorothy I needed to get gas then got pulled over by the police for overtaking someone however I only got a warning. Then got even more lost and the Tom Tom took me down a ranch road which was a dead end and I had to reverse a whole mile in the pitch black as I couldn’t see a thing there were bushes and cactus on both side and not enough room to turn around and to top it off the wheels where lower than the ground so the underneath was been hit by the ground. What I night by the time I got out of that road and made it back to Dorothy’s it was about nearly 1am .

I did about 150 miles of driving