Texas 2006 Day 17

Wednesday 8 th February 2006

RODEO DAY YEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA I got up about 8am and spent the time getting ready, listening to music and watching TV at 11am I rang home and talked to my mum and my uncle Richard. At about 12pm I set off to go subway first I had a Subway Special and then headed to Wal-Mart. I did some shopping for CD’s, food, drink, got a half price fleece and a few bits and bobs. Then headed to the rodeo grounds I got there about 2pm and took my jacket to be embroidered with my name, had it done in Brody style and in blue. Then I went for a walk around the rodeo grounds for about an hour then headed back to the car on the way I bought some rodeo t-shirts and spend an hour sitting in the car with the AC on as it was very hot while having a drink and listening to music. I went back onto the ground about 4:30 to pick up my jacket and I also bought a rodeo jacket and some other merchandise. Then head back to drop it all off in the car but when I went to put the AC on the engine wouldn’t start and made a very large clicking noise so I called the rental company and they gave me another number by 6pm they couldn’t find a replacement and I had to have the car towed away. Dorothy arrived just before the tow truck so I moved all my stuff out and put it in Dorothy’s truck then we headed to the rodeo before going in I was talking to Dorothy for awhile before going in and then went to get Whataburger before finding the seats. I spent the rodeo taking photos so I will upload them when I get back. Then about 9pm the rodeo finished and the show started with Bill Engvall who is an entertainer and very funny. The show finished about 10:30pm and by the time we got out of the parking lot it was 11:30pm so we headed to McDonalds for a snack and then headed back home.

I did about 30 miles of driving