Texas 2006 Day 15

Monday 6 th February 2006

I got up about 7am and ages talking on the internet and going through 500 emails however nearly all was junk I replied to my friends and family before falling asleep about 9am and woke up about 11am and set off to go shopping. I first went to Wal-Mart and got more jeans a new pair of sun glasses which will hopefully be better at night than my other ones, a spurs hoodie and an American Football. I set off to Whataburger for dinner and then headed to down town. When I finally found somewhere to park I had a walk around The Alamo and then went shopping in the River Center Mall. I got 4 black t-shirts one with “Don’t mess with Texas ”, one with “Everything is bigger in Texas ”, A Harley Davidson one and one with “Bomb technician, if you see me running try to keep up”. Then I headed to the Dallas Cowboys store dropping by a souvenir store and getting a license plate with “Don’t mess with Texas ” and a small bike plate with “ Texas ” on it. When I got to the Cowboys store they didn’t do personalized shirts so I got a J Jones 21 Jersey another t-shirt with cowboys on it, a key ring and 2 cheerleader calendars. Afterwards I headed back home to write the rest of the journals for the last few days. At about 6pm I set out to get tea I traveled to DQ for a chicken burger. Then headed back after waiting ages when I got back I ate and watched TV till late. I did about 120 miles of driving.