Texas 2006 Day 13

Saturday 4 th February 2006

I got up around 10am and started to get ready for the party to night. We set off around 1pm to head to meet up with Jessie at the Main ST Bar then head to Dorothy’s friends house where Dorothy’s Birthday Party was. When we got there Amanda and Ainsley was there before us. So I spent all night looking after Ainsley and watching Disney Channel with her for food we had a sea food boil where lots of sea food, sausage, corn and vegetable were boiled together and poured into a big pile on the table and you just had to dig in silverware is banned from the sea food boil hands only. So it was pretty cool and afterwards me and Ainsley watched Air Bud golden Labrador . Until she fell a sleep about 10pm and Amanda took her home then it was about 11pm and there was only a few of us left as most people had gone home we ate pop corn before setting of back home.

I did about 80miles of driving.