Texas 2006 Day 11

Thursday 2 nd February 2006

I had to get up about 5:30am to get snacks and move the van to the new camp site. I got the bus back at 7:30am and brushed Surprise and got her ready to ride. We set off at 9am however after 2 hours surprise was too tired and I didn’t want to ride her anymore so I got off and got a lift with the truck at the back with Ainsley and we followed the ride however the break after dinner he said we couldn’t ride and nobody else wouldn’t let us ride so I gave Ainslie to Amanda and set off walking in 40c. I walked 5miles to the camp and got there 30 minutes before the trail ride. I got sun burnt a bit by the time I got there I was dieing for a drink and rested until they got back then drove them back to the camp site where we picked up the trailers and headed back. We stayed around for tea before packing up and coming back to Dorothy’s house and Isabel got picked up and Amanda took Ainsley home. We went bed about 11pm .

I did about 100 miles of driving.