Texas 2005 Day 9

Wednesday 9th February 2005

Today I decided I would join Dorothy to work at a high school. I spent the talking and answering questions about Great Britain and Europe , and the differences in food, lifestyles, music, TV, people, laws, crime and how people live. We had a few great classes which were very inquisitive and interesting in finding as much as they could about other countries on the other side of the sea, 6000 miles away. I met up with lots of Dorothy’s friends and students. After we had finished all the classes for the day we had to go to a meeting for a few minutes and I was invited to come into another teacher’s class before I leave America . Once we had finished we had to meet up with Isabelle and Eva at the Ford Dealership for Dorothy’s Pickup truck to go in for a repair. We then dropped Isabelle and Eva off at the Rodeo as they had tickets to see a show and then we went to swap Isabelle’s car for Dorothy’s old Truck and then went for some food. We got back to the house early so I spent some time on the internet and we watched TV before going to sleep.