Texas 2005 Day 8

Tuesday 8th February 2005

oday is my relaxation day, yeeee haaaaaa. I spent around an hour and half going through all my 100 – 200 emails. I decided to ring a few of my friends and my grandma to chat to them for a bit, which cost a fortune from here. I played fetch with buddy one of Dorothy dogs and spent around an hour or 2 writing the journal for the past 7 days for the website while watching day time TV which still sucks and doesn’t matter what continent you’re in. Dorothy is working most of today and Doug is flying out so there isn’t much else today apart from hang out with the horse’s, cows and dogs. I took a trip to the store which too around nearly an hour to get there and back and it was the closest store. Then came back and had some lunch. I spent an hour with the horses before it got dark and then came back to the house to work on the website. Plus I had to ring around a load of people in the UK to try and get my credit cards working again but everywhere was closed.